All Gays Are Pedophiles

All gay people are pedophiles. Seriously, if you are a younger male and you run into an older gay male literally all they want to do is slam you hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re 22 or 12 they just want to smash.

Anyone who denies this is being ignorant. Was at an art show recently and started talking about a painting with an older guy who admitted to being gay, he was forward with me about wanting to hook up. I look young for my age, but it doesn’t matter because he didn’t bother to ask it.

This is further proof that being gay is a perverted disease that caters to pedophilia under the guise of being trendy and gay.



  • huge HIV rate unproportional to the general population
  • hugely promiscuous lifestyle facilitating disease spread
  • huge and unproportional rate of pedophilia compared to the general population
  • they eat da poo poo (no really. a gay man will be covered with faecal coliforms from head to toe)

Sometimes you just have to admit to being an abomination, guys

When an older man smashes a woman twenty or more years younger than him, does it make him a pedophile too?

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Pretty much everything is covered in human fecal matter. It’s gross as fuck and you’re better off not thinking about it too much.


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Only if you believe they are born that way.

Is there a heterosexual version of NAMBLA?
Besides Islam.

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Beauty pageants.

Eastern Europe.

You know, the places where most old rich white men go after women 20+ years younger than them.

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They openly advocate for legislation to allow underage girls to have sex with men? Wow. I didn’t know that.

Having tended bar in a beach town with a heavy gay population I can certainly attest that what they called chicken hawks were an open secret and that they weren’t ostracized by the gay community for their preference for underage boys. I think it mostly had to do with their not having children of their own to protect from predators. If you make your preference for underage children known to straight people, you are likely to find yourself in a rather uncomfortable situation with people who have children.

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Wow, did you make a leap.

Maybe you can answer the original question. If older gay men making a pass at much younger men makes them pedophiles, is it logical to conclude that older men making a pass at much younger women are also pedophiles?

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Ever see the test results from the bottom of a purse? :nauseated_face:

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So, if you are 22 and pursue a man twice your age, are you a pedofile?

I really despise trolls.

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Yes. Hollywood. They do their best to sexualize any girl over the age of 8. Creepiest movie ever. The Professional. There is a list a mile long of movies like that.

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No…it is not.

I don’t care how old you are, how would you not be attracted to the women in this video. They’re what, late 20’s, early 30’s? Instinct tells us to be attracted to women in this age range. They’re prime age for reproducing which is why we find this age range the most attractive. Wanting a woman much younger than these is just creepy, unless you’re their age I suppose.

Youtube warning, this is the whitest music in the history of music, even bag pipes in it! :rofl: … My wife took me to one of these concerts and I think I turned just a little gay because I find myself buying tickets to their concerts because “she loves them”… and instead of buying them for her and her mom/sister, I go with. Damn it to hell, women are evil.


A practice post in case Libs take over in the future?

I had to laugh, a black couple went with us last time we went. About half way over, my friend leaned over and said “I’m ok here, right? Jesus, you didn’t tell me this was so damn white it had tap dancing, violins and bag pipes.” I said, Oh, I just brought you for the after party… they’re going with again in April. They loved it and even though the audience was 99% white, no one even beat them up, poured bleach on them and put a noose around their necks. :rofl:

I absolutely LOVE Celtic Woman. They are amazing. I don’t consider their music “white” at all. It is just simply beautiful and touches your heart and soul.

My absolute favorite: