All Gays Are Pedophiles

That was a good cover.

You might also appreciate Mediaeval Baebes (assuming your wife hasn’t already drug you to one of their concerts). :wink:

You know why? Because no one really cares about color except the race baiters in the democratic party.


They are all degenerate pedophiles and thanks to their “movement” which got a little help from their (((friends))) they were able to destroy our country within a few decades and kickstart the collapse of civilization. Men are “marrying” men. Little boys are being taken by ■■■■■■ lesbians who castrate them. The most disgusting jungle savages are paraded around on television and their grunts are put forth as “music.” Miscegenation is happening and children are indoctrinated into racial self-hatred in public indoctrination centers.


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Russian laws protecting children are the reason libs are angry with Russia now.


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I’ll say this though: the left certainly isn’t helping the case by wanting to lower the age of consent. Children can be easily groomed, and if a pedophile can groom a child into consenting (sexual coercion), then that makes it easier to exploit children.

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  • HIV isn’t exclusive to gays.
  • I agree about the promiscuity.
  • I agree about the growing percentage of pedophiles in the world. The acceptance movement isn’t making things any easier…I kind of wish the LBGTQ community would renounce it. A

What is your source for this?

Here’s one:



You arnt suggesting that NAMBLA is not a left leaning organization are you?
Do we need to mention Arne Duncan and Kevin Jennings?
These are the kind of people Obama put in charge of children’s schools for God sake.

And who is protecting and sanctioning the Muslim tradition of child marriage in western countries? It is no one on the right.

And who is FURIOUS that Russia’s parents called for and obtained legislation protecting their children from homosexual grooming and normalization? The left.

As soon as the left can find a judge to declare pedophiles are “born that way” and that children have a right to determine when and with whom they can consent to sex… the left will be there crying discrimination and bigotry against pedophiles.

And another view from Washington Times… not the Post.


I’ve never heard of this guy. When did he become “the left?”

It’s Huff post. That is all they publish…the views of the left. Get a grip.

Are any of his position those of the right?

Appel is an advocate for the decriminalization of assisted suicide,[74] raising the possibility that this might be made available to both the terminally ill and those with intractable, long-term mental illness.[75][76]He has also defended the Groningen Protocol.[77] He has written in favor of abortion rights and fertility treatment for homosexuals, as well as against electronic medical records, which he sees as poorly secured against hacking.[78] He has also argued in favor of the legalization of prostitution, polygamy and incest between consenting adults.[79] He has raised concerns regarding the possibility that employers will require their employees to use pharmaceuticals for cognitive enhancement and has urged that death row inmates be eligible to receive kidney transplants.[80][81] He generated considerable controversy for endorsing the mandatory use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis as part of the in vitro fertilization process to prevent the implantation of embryos carrying severe genetic defects. Appel has also written in support of an “open border” immigration policy. Among the causes that Appel has embraced is opposition to the forcible feeding of hunger strikers, both in domestic prisons and at Guantanamo Bay.[82][83]

Your lib tricks to deny what libs support won’t work here.


If you say so…

They just struck down a law in Idiho for having a minimum age requirement for marriage!

I just don’t understand the lunacy of our elected officials! Something tells me that this specific vote has more to do with Mormon constituents that are hugely populated and represented in that state!

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Pedophilia has an actual definition and it certainly doesn’t apply here.

Not all gays are attracted to younger men and boys and they certainly aren’t all attracted to prepubescent boys.

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Maybe that’s what did it. Once Russia was declared to be “anti gay” suddenly the decades long love affair with the Russians was over and Trump was declared a traitor for doing business there and speaking well of Putin.

Oh I wouldn’t say all, I would however say, it’s rampant among them, more so than in the hetero community.