Alexandria, VA Determines Coronavirus Caused By Racism

This is what happens when you let left-wing mouth breathers take over your cities and towns. All common sense goes completely out the window. These leftists also claim to be obsessed with science, yet scientific analysis also goes out the window. Anything and everything always comes down to one thing. RACISM!

The mayor of Alexandria, VA, Justin Wilson, is a virtue signaling potato head, groveling to lick the boots of Governor Ralph “Blackface Coonman” Northam and is shifting the resources of his city to focus on racism instead of buying Personal Protective Equipment and hand sanitizer.

The City of Alexandria has released new information provided by the Virginia Department of Health on the breakdown of COVID-19 cases based on age, sex, and race Tuesday.

As of Tuesday evening, the city says there are 462 cases in Alexandria which includes 11 fatalities. The city also created a graph outlining the cases and fatalities in Alexandria available on their website.

Health officials continue to urge residents to adhere to the stay at home order unless absolutely necessary.

The city says the impact has been felt across all spectrums, but the coronavirus pandemic has more heavily impacted certain sectors based on certain factors.

For instance, health officials say residents over the age of 65 who are African American seem to have a higher rate of hospitalization from the virus. This has also been reflected in data from nationwide research.

The data supports the finding that underlying health conditions and complications like diabetes and heart disease have caused severe symptoms for coronavirus patients. Health officials suggest that educational, housing and workforce discriminations have caused these chronic conditions at higher rates in communities of color.

The city says it has been working with health officials and groups like Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria to help those affected and high-risk communities to maintain good health. The health department also says it is working to improve data collection on coronavirus cases in order to maintain a proper analysis on which communities need further help.


Something tells me that these “health officials” have their degrees in complex subjects like gender studies or advanced cuckoldry.

They can never seem to make the connection between personal responsibility and bad lifestyle/health outcomes. Amazing.


Yeah - workforce discrimination caused someone to be a total diabetic lardass spending their gibs on KFC and grape soda which then causes them to get COVID and waste even more tax dollars on keeping their lazy fat asses alive so they can go back to doing exactly the same thing.

Because blacks ignore all isolation or stay at home orders to have block parties instead. As always, their own stupidity kills them…but RACISM!

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But I thought race doesn’t exist and is only a social construct since we are all the same.

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Shocking. COVID-19 kills people living unhealthy lifestyles. It’s never their fault though. Racism is the only reason that people are poor and fat.


Why of course these pathetic snowflakes would label everything they disagree with RACIST . This is the very reason they silence every conservative on campuses . The first Amendment applies them and only them , all others must be silenced at all costs .Universities are leftist indoctrination camps and in order to get pass you required to regurgitate socialist far left views in both speech and writings !

Campuses Increasingly Hostile To Free Speech
Students Believe That They Can No Longer Speak Freely . Universities Are Hostile To Free Speech .
University professors, staff members and students are strongly discouraged from entertaining certain topics even privately, much less discussing them publicly on campus . Conservative thoughts and ideas are ALL labeled “HATE SPEECH” and student know it so well these days .

You can see where this is heading…

White man saying anything = “causes harmful activity”.

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shut your racist ass up you piece of shit and stop hiding behind your username and actually say that to someone in person and see what happens

Ok - now dispute the video.

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