Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Goes Full Retard

How the hell is it possible for someone who graduated with a degree in economics to be this ignorant? This is why we need to test before people are allowed to run for office. In fact, we should extend that rule to voters as well so the retards are eliminated from the voter pools. AOC is all the proof that is required that democratic republic doesn’t work without constraints, just like the left likes to argue that gun rights aren’t unlimited.


Woman + Hispanic = Affirmative Action.

She didn’t have to know anything to get her degree. They just handed it to her.


I think it’s pretty cool sending an idiot to congress and watch the darling of the media fumble about trying to talk about issues she has zero understanding.

Unfortunately the 3.1 million followers are equally stupid.


They didn’t teach integrity at her school, for sure.


She could keep SNL in stiches for years !!!

She literally has no idea how taxes (or tax breaks) work. When you think about the implications of that, scary stuff. Although I am sure she is in good company.

Like the simple concept of coupons, she doesn’t understand the concept of using a tax break to lure a business to her district. The idea is the tax break landing the business will eventually bring in much more revenue than the original tax break. This is commonly known as…an investment.

She is economically illiterate.

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Take your pick:

  • Economically illiterate
  • Economically naive
  • Economically malicious
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We have our own version of AOC here in Britain called Mad Dianne Abbot.

She just makes up figures from the top of her head and then gets all tied up in knots when they don’t add up.

In the last election they made her pretend to be ill and withdraw from public speaking for a week before the vote so she couldn’t embarrass them.


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AOC is an example of an educated idiot

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They won’t dare ridicule the lefts newest star.



Why are jobs important when she will pay pay you even if you are unwilling to work?

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AOC was the main reason Amazon BTFO Cuomo and de Blasio. Lots of people in her district got fucked over by her. They could have had a higher paying Amazon job, now they have to stick to minimum wage blue collar shit jobs while she lives it up on the taxpayer’s dime. Also, most of her “education” and claimed degrees are bullshit lies. People get the government they not only want but deserve.

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This new liberal marxist mentality is like regressive maturation. Instead of growing up and become wise they grow down and become moronic. It’s a disease spread from the deep state controlled propaganda media into the vulnerable minds of unsuspecting clueless masses. One trigger word for sure is the word free.


I really have to point out that frequently these promised high paying jobs, or at least the best of them, are likely already filled by people who will be moving to the area. Some locals may have a shot at lower tier new jobs though.

These tax incentives may seem like an investment but really they’re just another form of shakedown. Like when the billionaire wants a new sports palace for the millionaires to play ball. They’re a investment only because folks are resigned to the shakedown.

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You’re reading my mind.

If AOC had an “R” after her name, SNL would be on her like a dog on a dropped creamsicle.


Today’s tv programing is 99.999 % liberal based the Oscars and Grammys are loaded with morons that act like clones , reciting stupid gibberish and anti-American anti white hatred to standing ovations .