Aides leak tale of trying to stop Trump from leaving NATO

Here is my take. I’m wondering if this was leaked with Trump’s approval to scare NATO countries into paying their fair share.

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Try and stop him all they want. Ultimately it’s an executive decision and he can leave with the stroke of a pen. He should do it too.

The NYT attempted to paint this as rogue elements in Trump’s administration reigning in Trump.

I see it quite differently. I believe Trump is doing what he does best, floating the possibility that he might withdraw if NATO countries don’t toe the line.

I don’t believe Trump has any intention of withdrawing, but the NATO countries don’t really know what he might do.

Thus Trump haters see this NYT revelation as another Trump hating bombshell, where I see it as a brilliant move on Trump’s part.

NATO is useless and we should pay them shit .


Several of the EU’s member states are not NATO members. So my take on this is that NATO can never be responsible for Europe’s defense but will always just be a tool for America’s and Israel’s foreign wars.

That the EU isn’t openly scraping NATO right now and blocking all US weapons sales to EU states shows what little shitters EU officials are.

It says on the first page of the EU’s CSDP that European security is dependent on NATO.

I don’t like NATO either. I think it’s well past any point of use and that something designed to prevent Communism from spreading further into Europe is pointless when most states in Europe have some form of Communism anyway. But that’s the way the EU sees it, and they’re largely correct. Conventional security in Europe is encompassed by NATO.

NATO is an expensive boondoggle that has cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars to protect an ungrateful, arrogant, suicidal continent full of spoiled, bratty snobs. I say let NATO die, as the reason for its formation died 25+ years ago. NATO is useless, and the EU is going to form a military force against its subjects whether done under the auspices of NATO or not.

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What an odd way to look at this.

You are celebrating deceiving our allies.

The last thing America wants is a continental Europe filled with nuclear powers, which is what we will get if we leave NATO.

Also, the US leaving NATO is exactly what Putin wants.

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There aren’t any European states with any forms of communism. Thats a absurdly inaccurate thing to say.

And just because Russia has abandoned communism doesn’t mean their true ambitions have been left in the dust. Russia was communist so that they could take over Europe. You don’t think quasi-capitalists can take over Europe? You don’t think Putin wants to expand West?

Said another way, Russia wasn’t communist because they loved communism. They were communist because the power hunger oligarchs saw communism as the best vehicle with which to take over their half of the world.

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How so???

Trump is simply floating the idea and the leaks make those thoughts public.

You said you believe trump has no intention of leaving NATO.

If he truly has no intention of leaving NATO but floats a story to the public about him wanting to leave NATO, that is deception.

Telling your allies you want to do something you really don’t want to do is lying to them.

Do you have a source for this?

Let’s try this on.

If someone really doesn’t want me to leave and they have something I want but they aren’t willing to part with, wouldn’t it make sense for me to negotiate for that thing that I want - using the threat of leaving as leverage?

I really don’t want to leave, but I really want what they have. They don’t need to know that I probably wouldn’t leave.

Just google ‘Putin NATO’. There are a host of articles on the subject.

Do you disagree? Do you think Putin wants a strong, US led NATO as his neighbor?

You would be deceiving that person.

If you tell some one you want to do something you do not want to do, you are deceiving them.

What Europe needs to is to pull their own weight…that’s where animosity comes in.

Europe has the ability to check mate the Russians on their own. Where ever Russian flies it’s flag…a European a French or Brit is there flying theirs.

I’m curious with all Europeans here what’s their take.

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The strength of NATO is the unified opposition. Instead of say, the Brits taking offense to one russian action, and the fence another, and the germans siding with russia on one, and disagreeing on a third, and being neutral on the second…we answer with one voice.

Just as important - NATO means all these little countries don’t need big armies. I know many think that’s a bug, but really it’s a feature. Armies are like a new tool…you have them sitting around, you are gonna find a reason to use them. Even if you have to invent one.

The oligarchs before the Russian Revolution and the oligarchs after it were not the same. Tsar Nicholas II didn’t become Supreme Soviet Nicholas II.