Ahmaud Arbery case: Georgia father and son arrested, charged with murder

Perhaps justice will prevail! A 25 year old was murdered for jogging while black.


So do you think this was racially motivated? The article doesn’t state whether the parties involved were acquaintances prior to this murder.

From what I was reading, this case was being compared to the Travon Martin case. Hmmm…?

Maybe he shouldn’t have started hitting people.


I wonder how much media attention would have been given if the man murdered was white? Hmmm?


Fake and gay leftist propaganda. WTF man? Are you serious with this shit?

The charges will be dropped, ol’ Cleetus attacked them…and he was 12 miles away from his house, doubt he was just getting a little exercise.


Have you been reading the news? The neighborhood had experienced several break ins and those toothless fucks assumed that the criminal had to be black.

When toothless fuck #1 called the police, he described his suspect as a black man running down the street.

Do you need a truck to hit you?

How many burglars do you know of that go jogging in the daylight hours wearing shorts?

If you were going to go on a racist killing spree why the fuck would you call the cops first?


Ok! Don’t go all thorny on me! I was just asking questions because the news you cited did not give enough back ground to the story!

That’s by design. It’s an election year and they need BLM to kick into overdrive. They also want Trayvon 2.0 since the first bullshit didn’t work at all.

All of sudden people are trusting the press now :rofl:


Dude’s name rhymes with Armed Robbery.


He wUz uh Gud bOi he DindU nuFfin



You mean killed in self defense for being a suspicious and violent piece of shit. Read the paperwork from the court and stop drooling over what that little boy Rachel Maddow has to say. Get your shit together on this one.


Yes, I agree! And that answer would be: None.
You would not hear a peep from the MSM about any white man being murdered by (two) black men.

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Black female Mona Nelson kidnapped and murdered white 12-year-old Jonathan Foster with a blow torch on Christmas Eve in 2010. Where was the outrage then?

What about the murder of Antonio Angel Santiago - a 13 month old white baby murdered in his stroller by two black males in Brunswick, GA in 2013?

Tell me @asaratis were these two children killed while being white? Or, do you only give a shit when some black violent thug gets what’s coming to him. Maybe he should have thought harder before getting violent. I know…I know…we can’t expect them to use their words when they get frustrated or have a problem.

This article was written before the murder charges were brought against the vigilantes. The dead man did have a checkered past.

We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out in the courtroom.

And that is the basis that this case will be built upon!

Armed Robbery was 25 years old and the media is shopping around his gay ass prom photo like it was taken yesterday. Just like they were shopping around Trayvon’s kindergarten pictures. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked.

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No it won’t. They weren’t vigilantes because what they did was in line with Georgia law. Perfectly legal. This case gets tossed. Screencap this.


The word is used in the article. I simply agree with the moniker given them. They should have followed him and let the real police detain and question him.