Advertisements and Donations

I run an adblocker on my browsers and I block all ads from all sites. It works well most of the time. Am I rude too? Or am I free to do what I like including donate if I so wish? Shaming is not the way to go.

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Seeing as you have your own private group and you don’t donate, and you block ads, I’d say that’s pretty rude. I don’t care if you like that or not. It is.

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Good god…really…:roll_eyes:

What? I’m free to express my opinion on this just as others are free to say that they run ad blockers. What’s the big deal?

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It seems to just be a thread to address advertising and donations processes. Seems it could be done without reproachment.

Fair point. I was only responding to the open comment about ad blocking. I then responded to the comment that was made to me which took issue with my opinion. Like in any debate, if someone calls you out you have the right to respond.

And that’s my point, it’s not a debate thread. People should be able to ask their questions and comment on advertising and donations without being humiliated.

Yikes! That’s not what I was trying to do at all! Maybe next time we ALL should recognize that instead of showboating about how we block ads and don’t care about chipping in…or about how we think that’s rude when someone is providing something to us and the least we can do is help whatever way we can…we should just keep our mouths shut about it.

Can’t say I disagree with that at all.

Ok, I have nothing further to say about it…

I’m probably not going to give any donations but I am more than happy for you guys to use advertisement on here you guys are doing a great job of running this website

Do you suggest that I disable my adblocker just for this site then? You seem rather bitter about the “private group.” Tell me, what business is it of yours what I do with my money?

You should donate or get rid of your ad blocker it’s the only fair thing to do

Ross, you don’t know the meaning of “fair.”

@Patriot @KVN @Tyfoon what’s the threshold to turn off ads using other donation sources? For example, if I don’t want to go the patreon route but wanted to use venmo or bitcoin instead…what’s the threshold for that?

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For anyone not using Patreon we will need a one-time annual subscription payment of $120 as opposed to the monthly $10 Patreon subscription. It’s just too much work trying to maintain a monthly subscriber list manually. For example, if someone forgets to pay then I would need to manually go in and turn all of the ads back on for that one user. Then when they pay, I would have to go in and turn everything back off again manually. It’s a headache.

I’ve automated the process so that when you subscribe on Patreon, the ads are automatically turned off here based on your profile. When you stop subscribing on Patreon the ads get turned back on here automatically. You can start and stop subscribing on Patreon at any time.

Doing a manual process once a year isn’t so bad but that’s all I’m really willing to do on that. Patreon is not hard to sign up for. I fully understand why people don’t want to support the company, but the fact is the tech sector is dominated by one particular view of things.

We can either let ourselves be pushed into obscurity or we can try our best to color within the lines and still be free to express our views.

I hope that helps.


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I tried that last night and got a message that there are no users with that email (or something similar)…twice!

I know you know what my email address is. Send me some instructions.

Not necessary. My blocking ads has nothing to do with this sites ability to generate revenue only personal preference on what I want to see. So I completely disagree with your premise here. I will do what ever I can to support this site, and I am available to give. My loyalty and commitment to making this site better is unwavering! So if you want to question my motives do so with an informed frame of mind. My position is if adding ads to this site is a way for the founders to generate revenue than I have no problems with it, at the same time I would like the ability to not have to see them, and that is all I was saying!


@asaratis - I think I can help.

When you go to Patreon just make sure you click “sign-up” here:

Fill out the form using the same email you use to login here. Once that is all done just click this link and follow the steps - that’s it! Ads will be removed immediately.

I will send you a DM if you don’t know what email you use here.


I am not interested in Patreon at this time. I do not use PayPal. I was trying to donate via the DONATE button on Political Bullpen.

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