According to the Latest Gallup Poll, Trump Approval Ratings is Better than Expected

Despite a wave of critical news coverage and Democratic catcalls, President Trump sits at his “highest” approval in the latest Gallup survey, and above where four of the last six presidents, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush, were at this point of the first term.

After two weeks of bad news on the coronavirus and economic front, Trump maintained his 49% approval rating, and his disapproval crept up just 1 point, to 48% in the Gallup survey of adults, a broad test.

Gallup said that Trump’s approval is “tied for the best of his presidency.”

Based on the behavior of the democrats since Trump was elected and what the (D) governors are doing in their states, is it any wonder?

Maybe people are starting to wake up to the fact that the democrats are no friend of the common man. The party has been hijacked by socialists and authoritarians.

They also have a complete joke for a candidate, no doubt placed there so he can continue the Obama policies.

I’m glad that’s not working out for them. There had better not be mail in ballots as I can see how that would work out.

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The demonRATS behavior never seems to bother the sheep .

Well, the sheep are getting fleeced in blue States right now.

They probably think of it as a free haircut :joy:

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And free works every time .

(CNN)The narrative seemed set: After a brief surge of public support for President Donald Trump in the early days of America’s fight against the coronavirus, [his approval numbers had settled back into the low 40s.

Right? Right.

Except that in Gallup’s latest two-week tracking poll, Trump’s job approval is back to 49% – matching the highest it’s ever been – while his disapproval is at 47% .

That marks a 6-point improvement on Trump’s approval number from the last Gallup tracking poll. And that improvement comes exclusively from independents – 47% of whom now approve of the job Trump is doing, the best he has ever done among that group in Gallup polling. (He was at 38% approval among indies in the last Gallup tracker.)

Don’t tell the left that…they wouldn’t know how to handle that. :laughing:

They actually believe that this is going to happen! :rofl: :rofl: