A view of "The Squad"

Some have suggested that President Trump’s criticism to the four members of “The Squad”–i.e. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY); Ayanna Pressley (D-MA); Ilhan Omar (D-MN); and Rashida Tlaib (D-MN)–is inherently racist, since these are all “women of color.”

But sometimes it is possible to confuse causation with mere correlation.

Or–even when causation actually exists–to misunderstand the direction in which it runs. (In other words, does X actually cause Y? Or does Y cause X?)

It may, indeed, be no coincidence that these are all “women of color.”

But is it not possible that they have simply refused to assimilate into the dominant culture? That they have, instead, embraced the “fruit salad” metaphor that is the basis for multiculturalism?

Note: I do think that President Trump could have been a bit less strident in his criticism of them. But that is really not the topic here. And I am hoping that we can all stay on topic.

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I believe that many of them are associated with the Justice Democrats. If you look into that organization they have been very public about stating they were looking for actors to play politicians. AOC Is the prime example. I don’t know about the rest of them but she is clearly the ringleader and is nothing but an actress.


They have embraced a grievance culture which is distinctively anti-American.


This is it in a nutshell. President Trump called out their anti-Americanism not their race but that is what anti-American liberal progressive socialist do is use identity politics and victimization and it doesn’t matter if your lily white Liz Warren or a person of varying color like these coven of witches in Congress. It all comes out as Anti-American and President Trump and most Americans are sick & tired of it and thank goodness we have someone in the WH that calls them out!


Look at them! they obviously don’t belong here.

My, my! The first four posts in a single thread and I like them all!

The Squad claimed that Nancy Pelosi was racist when she called out the four (who duly noted that they were indeed “four women of color”) as being “just four votes” with no following.

The Squad welcomed the “victim role” by assigning racism to Nancy’s remark. They could just as easily have claimed she was against women, but that is not nearly as effective as the cry of RACISM…to which the liberals cling at every opportunity. Even the black members of the House laughed at the notion that Nancy is a racist…as did President Trump.

Causation and coincidence are easily conflated for the sake of argument, especially when the coincidence hints at racism or religious discrimination.

Trump’s ban on travel from certain countries that were producers of terrorists and had little or no vetting of those traveling to the US was proclaimed as discriminating against Muslims even though there were several predominantly Muslim countries that were NOT on his list. (And, BTW, the original list came from the Obama administration.)

It took several trips to US Courts to get his ban approved.

Yes! Their first actor was Barack Hussein Obama, the polished community organizer that they groomed, provided a fake family, hid his educational history and placed in the White House. He was (and still is) the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the American public.

Yes! This has been going on ever since the race baiters, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s mentor), and their ilk discovered a source of money and power in promoting the “racist victim” hand. Does the name, Tawana Brawley ring a bell?

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They are so obsessed with “People of Color” but they don’t look at the facts! It’s about time for black and hispanic Americans to realize Democrats aren’t interested in solving their problems. A consistently high unemployment rate under Democrats should be proof enough. It’s time for the black and hispanic community to do something different. Like vote Republican for a positive change and ditch this B!TCH SQUAD!


Ha! I think you meant to say, if Republicans could take the vote away from Women and People of Color they would never lose another election. It’s the party of racists and white supremacy.

For a very long time before President Trump came along, blacks had the highest unemployment rates, highest new AIDS cases, 74% of black children were being raised by single mothers, highest dropout rates, highest crime rates, highest prision rates… etc., etc., etc. – after voting for nothing but Democrats for decades.

They’ve been used as pawns. After all, you can’t have robust welfare programs if you don’t have a bunch of people living in poverty.

Not surprising that someone with your name and logo would want to wave the Black and Brown pride flag. It’s doubtful you’ve ever touched a black person in your life.

It was a Republican President - President Trump that pulled black and hispanic Americans OUT of poverty by creating an environment where the job creators could CREATE JOBS.


Why are you placing women and people of color (whatever THAT means) in the same basket?

Your premise in and of itself is the definition of what you claim to be against.


You seem impervious to the lessons of history. The Democrats favored slavery. The Democrats founded the KKK. The Democrats opposed civil rights for blacks until they realized they could get votes for trinkets. The Democrats designed the Welfare Plantation to keep blacks in poverty stricken fatherless homes and maintain their dependency of government handouts.

The Democrats have manipulated black dependency since passage of LBJ’s Great Society Civil Rights legislation.

Many conservative blacks have been “woke” to the Democrat lies of the past 55 years and will be voting Republican.

The Democrats have been exposed as the disingenuous assholes they have long been.


You forgot to mention the party that encourages illegal immigration so the illegals can be indentured for their passage, paid less than minimum wage if working under the table, children being exploited for better chances of scamming the laws, women taking birth control pills knowing they will be raped on the journey here and the list goes on and on.

The democrat party hasn’t changed at all. They are still the evil bastards they’ve always been.

They are just far leftwing wackos using race like their fellow democrats as a shield against any criticism.

Since Obama’s election any criticism of any democratic program, proposal or politician has been deemed “racist” by the democrats and their leftwing cohorts to the point I stopped listening years ago anytime any of them assert it.

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Too many blacks and hispancis are moving into the middle and upper classes and the democrats are completely dependent on a permanent, dependent underclass to maintain power so that was the logical next step for them.

Flood the country with millions of illegals, “refugees”, and “asylees” and make them all dependent upon and beholding to the democratic party.

The major flaw in that thinking is people want to be dependent.

Consider that most of the migration is because they want to work. They want to earn money and send it home to their families.

That is completely contrary to the dependency the democrats are peddling.

60% of all immigratns are on some form of welfare and those who have been here ten years or more jump to over 70%.

It’s a different class of illegal than we had when you and I were young and they were coming up here to work for a few months at a time and take money home to their families.

Now they are coming here, making families, getting on welfare, and committing mass tax fraud to get checks back every year by abusing the refundable tax credits.

Democrats are doing everything they can to encourage more of it. Hell, look at states like CA who are now providing free healthcare to illegals and even the major candidates are saying we should be providing HC to illegals and will be under their "Medicare For All " plans.

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Point taken.

However, I also see a hell of a lot of illegals working their asses off. Roofing, landscaping, etc.

Maybe it is just my microcosm.

One does not preclude the other.

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How many democrats of 1960 are on the 2019 ballot?

I would never vote for those racists.

No, it doesn’t. However, it does belye the concept that they are here solely to collect welfare.

Not that they don’t. They do. Perhaps until they no longer need it. If they have a strong work ethic it is hard to imagine that they’d take dependency over self sufficiency.