A Tourists inside look of some of the Worlds Most Mysterious Countries

From Indigo Traveler from earlier in 2019, he takes us inside Iran and shows us what its like! From my own experience of being there many years ago, The people are truly wonderful, and the country is absolutely breath taking when one gets to travel out of the major cities, so seeing these series of videos brought back some warm memories for me, and of course I was dating an absolute beautiful Iranian woman whom I met back in college at that time so great times for sure for the adventures we were on together.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 3 (CONT.)

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Get rid of the mullahs and Iran can be a paradise again, so can Beirut.

Even with all the historic sites in the region destroyed by ISIS Iraq could become a major tourist destination as well on the scale of the Egyptian tourism industry.

Those people could be enjoying wonderful lives if they ever find a way to get rid of the Islamists.


I remember having an Italian espresso in a little family cafe in downtown Beirut. Absolutely lovely experience and the city as well until the following year it was destroyed again.

By the time I made my first trip it was already heading to hell fast. We were there as “escorts” and security for some rather high ranking US and UN officials.

Odd as it may sound we have some very good friends and clients from both Iran and Lebanon. They are old enough to have been there for the “good ole days” and have some amazing photos and 8mm along with slides that will make you cry looking at modern video of the same places.

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Great vids, shame about the soundtracks though! Some of it reminded me of Baghdad before we turned it into a shithole. And the Iranian people are lovely; intelligent, articulate, hospitable, and polite at all times: but that was a middle-class family. And Iranians are more like us than any other ME nationals.

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I like to go back but will settle for Saudi’s Arabia. Traveling as an American today is quite difficult than it was for me back then.

Beirut in the 60s, & just lovely. I bought two big diamonds ( naturally the haggling ). My first offer was $1,000. & the seller said ( really funny ), “the reward is more than that”. People were gracious. Was the Pearl of the Middle East. Now a cesspool.

Iranian women - before and after the Islamic Revolution …

https:// www.bbc.com /news/world-middle-east-47032829 This is what happens to women when dirty old religious fanatics take charge of a country.

Yep, we have a lot of that in our wake. Dittos on the character of Iranian people.

You are lucky you got to see it like that. It was fast becoming major destination and a go-to travel hotspot. The food and nightlife scene began exploding in the mid-2000s. I had big plans to go there on holiday in 2006. Of course, that was until Israel decided to destroy the place.

Perhaps the CIA shouldn’t have toppled their democratically elected government in the first place.


Have you ever been to the UAE?

Take a vacation there and you may not want to leave.

How far back do you want to roll the calendar with maybes?

We can’t change history but we can change the future.

I have been to Abu dhabi for an airshow a few years ago. I was also stationed in Riyadh many years ago, been to Qatar, and Oman. On the latter, is probably one of my favorite places I ever visited in the ME.

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There is no arguments from me on that one ARES. We know the history, and its a shame how things went down leading up to the hostage crisis of the 70’s. I still have a lot of Iranian friends to this day, and have a strong desire to return there for a vacation but currently it sucks for Americans, and I hate seeing the escalation of inflation of goods that is hurting good people, but until we in some end around come full circle way in which we take responsibility for our past deeds, this is what we have now. Obama tried to put on the appearance that is what he was doing by putting out there a fake image that the US was trying to improve relations with Iran, when in reality he was grifting for his friends who pocketed a fortune by selling us illusions. Now we are here once again with his phallic symbols to play the media.

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The concentration of wealth there due to the petroleum industry is staggering.

It’s amazing what they’ve managed to build there in such a short time.

Iran would destroy it all directly or through their proxies tomorrow if they could get away with it.

Yeah! I know! I got to experience a little bit of that before the entire place became a war zone again. Lebanon in general is such a great place with some great history. They have a cedar tree on their flag and is symbolic for its nice landscapes. The people there are also pretty cool!

With the exception of Hezbollah.

Yes! Totally agree, but the part I don’t understand, is when did it all change? The country has always had a history of skirmishes with the Israelis crossing the border and crap, but the history of its conflicts is something that escapes me.

It changed when Iran decided to make it a puppet state and created Hezbollah in the seventies.

Iran and Syria used Lebanon for their own purposes destablizing it in the war against Israel for a couple of decades but it went completely to hell when with their combined efforts Hezbollah took defacto control.

It was already going to hell when I was there for the first couple of trips in 81-82 and it was pretty well complete by 85.