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What does your title have anything to do with the article?

Figured I’d put that whole “service to country” thing in some context…

Context you are trying to apply isn’t even relevant. Captain Tom is British.

The Kenyan gave the Medal of Freedom to Ellen DeGeneres.


@Tyfoon please nuke this garbage thread. It has zero purpose.

Why do that? Just load it with trash.

Those of us with high trust levels can appropriately change the title of a thread without moderator approval. I retitled this thread accordingly.


Does anything keep you from averting your eyes, Snowflake?

Makes one wonder how you earned a high “Trust Level”…

Ellen was a victim of discrimination who made it back from oblivion on the strength of her talent…

Rush is an ignorant, entirely undistinguished blowhard who made his money giving voice to American Stupid…

Captain Tom is a 99 year old thumb in the eye of nearly everything the bloated Oxy addict brays.

ITT Let’s talk about the Federal Reserve.

What the hell is the Federal Reserve you ask? Well, it is a private bank that has enslaved you and your family since its founding in 1913 under the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Did you know before 1913 there was no need for an income tax? Did you know that after the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the IRS was established to forcefully take your tax dollars through threat of death or imprisonment?

In 1913 a plan to enslave the entire United States was completed. The act allowed the treasury to give money creation power to the Fed and also created the system which is called Central Banking. The people who crafted the Central Banking scheme are called Keynesians. Remember this name, they are traitors that need to be shot. For the past 100 years over 6% of your life’s income, the proof of your talents, your sweat and blood, your life energy, has been siphoned away. The real kicker is that none of it goes to roads, social programs, or even govt. It goes to pay imaginary debt that can never be paid back. It is pure unadulterated insanity.

This is one of the most important things you can ever learn in your entire life. If you want to fight the system, well, this IS the system, the system of enslavement. Through the creation of the Federal Reserve, the government no longer needs to vote on raising taxes either! Isnt that great? Instead they print more money which causes the value of YOUR dollars to decrease.


A neat trick given that A General Theory wasn’t published until 1936…

Did you mean “Shape Shifters”, or perhaps “Unitarians”?


Someone’s woman was lost to Jungle Fever…

ITT we talk about Multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism means the death of the native culture and the preferential treatment of foreigners over actual citizens. Also for some reason multiculturalists seem to think that if you put a shitload of Muslims together with ■■■■■ Buddhists, Hindus, etcetera… and they’ll all get along magically unlike in the shitholes they came from.


Multiculturalism in practice means:

  • Low wages, low living standards and a decreased feeling of security
  • Increased criminality, ghettoisation, muslim extremism, riots.
  • Diseases and parasites native to immigrants that immigrate as well.
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You will only get milkies if you post “Please give me milkies mommy” ITT.


Please give me milkies mommy!

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