A Thread Filled With Random Hot Garbage and Delicious Chicken Tendies

Please give me milkies mommy…nom nom nom

please gibs milkies mommie

Multiculturalism destroys unique cultures and people that have existed since the beginning of time.

The goal of the cosmopolitan elites is to make us all rootless consumers with no loyalty except to the market. To do this they have to crush our value systems.

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Please give me milkies mommy!

Diversity is what makes the middle east so peaceful.


As someone who minored in Miscegenation in college, and a practicing heterosexual, allow me to make the case in favor…

Any questions?

would you now list the virtues of Small Pool breeding?

Much obliged.

Oh, it has a purpose alright.

show them your scars…

What is that thing? :face_vomiting:

3 flavors of Europe and Korean, I think.

I did tkd, still play golf with my Korean master who, in his 60s, sired kids with a raven haired, pale skinned. blue eyed ■■■■■■■■■■ 13 year old daughter is a very good golfer - and disturbingly beautiful…were she 6 inches taller she’d be a top model.

Shit - I think I just found her on a live stream about to kill herself! Someone HALP!


Anyone can post a fuckin’ photo and claim it proves something about the poster.

You’re light in the loafers, hiding in the closet…too chickenshit to come out.


Holy shit I’m dying right now :rofl:

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I could post a pick of the ex-wife…but you’d cry.

As opposed to proving something with a series of random lunatic fringe media citations…

Man - why are leftists always such pedos?


Wouldn’t prove a thing…

After you were One & Done, who do you think took the rest of your bag?

didn’t your ammosexual martyr, Koresh, take child brides?