A Call For the Ideal Conservative Message Come This Campaign Season

If you were tasked with putting together a 30 sec National Campaign Advertisement, what would that message be? In your opinion, what would be the most powerful message that would actually move people, motivate them to think, appreciate, and what issues would you try to include that would sum up what is considered at the heart of what people are fighting for in this up and coming election season?

I would like to hear your ideas on what kind of video you would want to see, and what kind of message it should include that would really strike at the heart to what most can relate to!

Note: Liberals are welcome to add their input, but save the snarky comments if you have nothing of value to offer.

Thanks to all in advance.

The electorate has very little interest in a Conservative Message. It’s far easier to abandon self-control in favor of the public trough.

Count me out for pretending we can forge a anything that might resound with the electorate. :frowning:

The thing is most independent minded people tend to vote against the one candidate than vote for the other.

I have always been of the view that most middle class Americans are typically fiscally conservative in that they want higher taxes but tend to be socially liberal or apathetic. In other words they are not going to moved to vote on issues regarding abortion, gay marriage, etc.

The other area of agreement with middle class Americans is a disapproval of the welfare state. Heck I even know people who are liberals who hate how welfare works.

The one other thing I can think of is immigration. Most Americans don’t want millions of the world’s most impoverished citizens flooding into our country to collect welfare.

I’d want to see a video of Antifa assaulting people and destroying property. Then I’d like to see images of illegals streaming over the border and marching through our streets carrying foreign flags. Then I want to see images of our monuments getting torn down and stomped on. Then the Covington Catholic kid. Then white people being called racist…

Fade to black…

Next scene…

Black and White film, angelic music, man sitting at his kitchen table in tactical gear, skull mask on, as the camera pans out we see him loading up his magazines to his AR.

End it with…

2020 - Do Something.


You forgot about the Drag Queen Story Hours. Those must be included.

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That is great! Already is some awesome ideas! I want to hear more!

Damn dude…that would be one badass commercial and would scare the living shit out of every single leftist from sea to shining sea.

But what you are suggesting is already happening. Here is a video of Antifa hiding and cowering when Patriot Front shows up.

Awesome story boarding! My question to you is, is your last line meant vote to save the country or else?

What would your idea be?

I would have flashes of socialism from the past, bread lines, etc, Socialism In the present; Venezuela, so people get the idea it has been tried and it doesn’t work even today. Then , cities that are third world with a picture of their representative. Then pictures of the democrat presidential hopefuls with the message that this is what the democrats want for our country (socialism, poverty) and it shows in their districts.

Then Trump with the economy and how it is booming, some statistics about unemployment and how people are working again with pictures of average Americans prospering, maybe some Trump rallies with people chanting USA.

Maybe a tag line that says, making America Great Again.

In other words, a ,compare/contrast to what the dems want for the country and what the country is actually supposed to be.

I think we need to scroll back to the 90’s and come up with something similar to Newt’s “Contract With America”.

A very simple list of goals that will improve the country that everyone can understand.

Great Ideas! All can be used in an effective message!

What goals would that be? List them!

You can at least try! Apathy and pessimism is a very destructive and contagious disease!

I’d start with securing the border.

Next increase manpower for ICE for interior enforcement.

Expand the immigration courts as necessary to deal with the backlog and get them to where they can handle the load.

National Reciprocity for firearms carry and for anyone traveling with firearms.

Something like the “Penny Plan” to get control of the budget.

Those would be a good start and would definitely have broad based appeal with both republicans and independents.

Ok that is a great start! So how would you envision this in a 30 Sec campaign ad? What visuals would you use to drive home your point?

Not sure.

Flashes of the rush at the border, flashes of illegal alien criminals in high profile cases, flashes of the overcrowding at the detention facilities along with flashes of the effects the mass dumping is having on local communities.

Let that run for say half the time and then run all of the democrats swearing there is no crisis, no problem, and promising them free healthcare etc.

Mainly I’d like to see something simple, a ten point plan everyone can understand and pretty well repeat from memory focusing on issues that most people can identify with, are harmed by, and for which there are simple, common sense solutions.

Open with a middle aged, handsome Black man speaking into the camera, every four or five words, switch to another person, Hispanic, Asian, White, and keep the rotation going through the whole 30 sec.

Every election is hyped as the election of a lifetime.
This election is one in which you have two very different visions of America’s future.
The Democrats offer you unworkable programs the cost of which would raise your taxes severely, because just the top 1% could not fund the giant promises, even if you took all of their money.

Republicans take less of what you earn in taxes, and seek to make government more efficient.
The Democrats focus on our differences - skin color, religion, income - and will continue to do so.

The Republicans welcome all people, regardless of what they look like, or where they came from to join the American experience, learn our traditions. We aren’t perfect, but we aren’t the horrible country Democrats want you to believe.

The Democrats have openly called for packing the Supreme Court, restricting free speech, abolishing the Electoral College, and giving free healthcare to illegal aliens. All of these are examples not of altruism, but of hunger for power.

The Republicans want to keep the Electoral College so that smaller population states will still have a voice. The Republicans want to maintain the Supreme Court in its 9 vote configuration, even when the majority leans left.

The Democrats want the power to dictate as much of your life as they can. They believe in coercion, if you doubt this, try openly saying you’re a Republican- see what happens.

The Republicans want America to continue to be a place where freedom of speech, including speech you don’t agree with- is assured, and where we identify as Americans, regardless of ethnicity, skin color, or religion. Join us, we want to keep America great.


Good idea, very well thought out.