911 Revisited 22 Years later

I am not so much trying to create another 9-11 thread (but conspiracies are welcomed anyway) but a thread that is mostly about reflection and the lessons learned from a personal experience.

911 was personal to me, as I lost my best childhood friend and another friend from college. At first there was anger, then denial, and the go to buying in the narratives of Patriotism and the flag waving for getting revenge. Then as the years went by, as did each anniversary those raw emotions also subsided and eroded with time. Along with it the changed perspectives influenced by others to which at first was easy to brush off and label such people for having vastly different views contrary to my own as conspiracy theorists. However as I slowly opened my eyes and discovered that not all things were what they were saying in the news media, talked about in DC circles (yes I once inadvertently associated with that club) and amongst the ones residing in slumber land with Fox News propagating anger 24/7 blared in the back ground of most households; I discovered an entirely different narrative that was a kick in the stomach where deep breaths was the only way to subside my disappointments in the representations I was once subscribed to. Even as a lawyer with independent leanings I unknowingly was serving a secret machine that was using me for nefarious purposes. That is when I knew it was time to get out.

911 and reflecting on my friends and the memories of them, 22 years later has afforded me on a personal level an evolved point of view on what this day means, and why it happened. Its amazing what time can do to eventually allowing people like me who are willing to see and realizing what the actual truth is verses the lies I once bought into. I am sure I am not alone in that perspective, but I have to acknowledge how wrong I had it back then as opposed to what I believe now. Its a humbling experience to say in the least.

911 is when America and average Americans got played and on that day the country lost its innocence via the “Patriot Act” and lots of money goes missing from the military budget. There is more that meets the eye, “dig deeper they say”

We will, in due time! And that is just it, time sometimes by mistake or happenstance allows the truth to be seen. Yes its a day of reflection for the innocent lives lost, the heroic brave 1st responders who made sacrifices, the families who grieved. 911 however is but for different reasons we remember. Every season changes and so do we as Americans.

This announcement by the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Sept 10th 2001!

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All about government control.


John Lear said the (shadow) government had the very advanced technology of hologram which could create sound (of non-existent jet planes).

There are videos which surfaced years later that showed no plane prior to the explosions.

John Lear additionally said that there were other technologies that would send a beam of energy from a satellite that can pulverize steel.

Not that I doubt what you are saying, but how do you disprove what many hundreds of people saw with their own eyes that day, live as it happened?

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Actually nobody SAW planes go into the Towers.

Faked videos were produced immediately after and one faker shouted at his video camera “Plane hit the building!”

Sure, hundreds or thousands of people (including my friend in Brooklyn) saw smoking buildings.

I’d need to hear from eye witnesses that there were no planes sticking out of either building, regardless if anyone actually saw a plane hit a building… and I have a difficult time believeing that NO ONE saw a plane hit or stuck in a building. This is a bit far feched… even for me. :wink:

I’m actually searching for someone who actually saw a plane fly into the building. (Not a video or photo, but an eye-witness)

Many so-called witnesses are those who saw smoking buildings and, surely, saw the buildings collapse.

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It was an error that occurred because the video was prepared in a hurry.

Wouldn’t the person who was shooting this video be an eye-witness?

1/11) Here is a thread on proof that The Pentagon was hit by a MISSILE, not hit by a plane.

At the time of this interview, Albert N. Stubblebine III was a retired Major General in the United States Army. (Sadly, Albert passed away on February 6, 2017.) He was the commanding general of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984. In this compelling interview, Stubblemine reveals the following information (what he calls “dots”) about the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001:
•Stubblebine initially believed the official story regarding 9/11.
•Then, he saw the hole in the Pentagon. He can prove that the Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757. DOT.
•All of the sensors around the Pentagon were turned off except one. That one sensor captured an image of the object that hit the Pentagon. It looked like a missile. But, after he went public, the imagery was changed to look like a plane. DOT.
•The collapse of the twin towers was caused by controlled demolition – not the fuel from the airplane. DOT.

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People wonder why there is a great deal of controversy involving the official 9-11 narrative. Bush was a globalist shill, and its apparent in this video that he is a terrible actor as well.

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It’s just the sound. No plane visible.

Like John Lear said, there was holographic technology already available that comes with sounds, although he was not sure if the holographic projecting came from a satellite or an airplane at a very high altitude.

There were attempted holographic appearances of Allah in Iraq during the war in 1991.
Bring down the wrath of God on evil men | Science | The Guardian

(A lot of Christian bias there because Muslims believe Allah has no form, human or otherwise. If that “Allah” spoke Arabic with an American accent, that would be a dead giveaway. LOL)

I am not sure I believe that having lost two close friends in this tragedy so I might be a little biased in accepting that point of view. However I am open to the idea if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and revealed who or what entity was behind it.

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  1. It will never be proven.
  2. Who or what entity was behind it will also remain unknown.


You have an engineering background, how do you explain this video? Is it total BS?