883 Pages of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Released (CARES ACT)

Cripes! This monstrosity is not going away with a clean Bill, as just a glance of this 883 pages that is going to become known as the “CARES ACT” there is plenty of pork infestation that seems to be questionable at best. What are the chances the Trump Vetoes this Bill? Some even suggested that it would be election suicide if he (Trump) decided to veto it.

The Senate took H.R.748 stripped it out, and replaced the text with this bill. The full 50 page senate record of the activity is available here.

Digging in now. However, at first blush the size of the spending seems to be a considerable state budget deficit bailout [similar to how Obamacare removed the healthcare pension liabilities from unions]

This is the download link of the Bill that is suppose to be voted on by Friday.

Let us know what your thoughts are on this latest incarnation of Tax Payer relief of what is suppose to be relief for the American people and businesses and not for the special interests groups and lobbyists of the reptiles of the swamp!

Follow up

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The dems did end building the wall.

Nothing like getting what you want and bending the GOP over once again.


It’s freaking bull crap, and I am so sick of this shit! When I read this I started to think that the recent Republicans in the senate that were voicing opposition to the ridiculous 1400 page version that Piglousi originally put forth were basically acting. They just did the old “switcherroo” and the ”looky Lou!” Total scam! This package is massive.


2 trillion more in debt.

Not 1 person thought of how to pay it back.

Trump may have a difficult time being re-elected. Maybe he thinks people will remember the little check in Nov. I think not.


And, Page 781 of the bill provides $25 million to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives to cover “salary and expenses.” And they said they would NOT profit in ANY way . Nancy wanted $350 MILLION for migrants and refugees = ILLEGALS !!!

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What I said; if the 22 trillion ( in the toilet ) War on Poverty funding had been shared equally, every citizen would have gotten about $500,000.


This is BAD !!!
It was like well what the hell let bust open the piggy bank and everyone take what they want . I would say 75% of the crap has NOTHING to do with providing a stimulus for the Country . There is enough PORK here to kill every Muslim alive !!! Republicans are turning into spend crazy demoRATS . SAD

If it were not for the pork, the money to citizens could probably be tripled or quadrupled. It would be spent, and end up back in the flow.


And money in the hands of taxpayers is what stimulates the economy !

It’s pretty funny that Americans are supposed to live off $1200 bucks for months and these fucking banks got billions of dollars again. So much for capitalism…again.

Too Big to Fail - Part 2

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While many citizens are helping their friends and neighbors the elected scum are helping themselves !
Washington POLITICIANS have become the modern day LOOTERS !

I’m just glad there isn’t a Democrat in the White House right now. I’m just saying…

If this was Biden’s Administration, I am sure we would be in a much bigger hole than we already are…yes?

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Many won’t remember it, will blame him for losing their income or job. But, they’ll still cash the check, won’t they?

We still would have the Senate as a stop gap :wink:

That much money in the hands of a lot of citizens would mean they’d never go back to work.

It’s absolutely repulsive how the democrats saw people dying and losing their incomes as a means to put the screws to who? The American people. Future generations have to pay for this.

Won’t take long to cash and spend it.

The media will certainly blame everything on Trump.

I’m not worried about the deficit I think trumps investment in business and future optimistic times will create a surplus never seen before, he is cutting regulations, America is moving in the right direction. This is the time for investment

I get that some people live paycheck to paycheck.

However myopic my experience is? No one wants to contribute to a 401 K even if I match their contributions.

I’m not feeling too bad for people who don’t get: save a minimum of 3 months and then after you have that? THEN, you can spend.

It really isn’t that hard. I guess discipline is.

Regardless, if the republican get both houses again and Trump re-elected, this will be a huge boon. The problem, the major problem, is not “how they pay for it” but who are the ones who jump on the opportunities in small business. Don’t let Sorazz directed fiends use it and monopolize it.

Use it to defeat the socialists once and for all.

People have to find their inspiration and ingenuity. People lacking vision are doomed to fail while big corporate business can sneak into it.

Lawyers will sprout up to suck people dry.

The election will be voter fraud on steroids if honest people let it happen.

Real Americans deserve a reset. Then banks need to be beholden to Americans only.

And we get to house even more ILLEGALS !!!