53% Want to Leave California...What a Surprise (NOT)

Dreaming of greener (read: cheaper) pastures? You’re not alone.

According to a new survey by Edelman Intelligence, 53 percent of Californians are considering moving out of state due to the high cost of living. Millennials are even more likely to flee the Golden State — 63 percent of them said they want to.

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Unfortunately, what they want to do is leave California and start new little Californias wherever they go to get away from California.


Californians have always had the option of leaving the state and residing in another. The ones that can afford to do so are the rich and the filthy rich…and they don’t need to leave. I doubt seriously that anywhere near 53% of Californians will leave the state.

Maybe the exodus will continue (people are already leaving California because of the cost of living), but only registered voters will be legally allowed to vote in other states. Illegal aliens may gravitate to other sanctuary states. I find a bit of glee in sanctuary states being inundated with worthless leeches.

Aside: We send people to other countries to observe their supposedly democratic elections, but we don’t seem to care about our own. This needs to be rectified.

Some may “want” to leave the state. I think you’re right, most will not. They will stick around and get more and more handouts from the state that the rest of the US subsidizes. I am so sick of California - they have a great weather, beaches, and lots of shit to do and yet the rest of us have to subsidize their lifestyle. I hope the whole state either burns or floods. They deserve it.


At some point any sane person would find it hard to pay those high taxes on million dollar homes to walk in sidewalks that are filled with shit and thousands of stinky homeless people . In San Francisco it is easier to make maps of shit filled sidewalks than to clean it up WTF !!!

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They literally had one of the nicest states in the entire US and completely ruined it. I was in Sacramento a couple of years ago for a business trip - totally overrun with homeless people.

First time I went t San Fran I love the city. I had a business trip 2 years ago to San Fran and I will never go to San Fran again.

I think those are among the 47% that doesn’t want to leave…them and the rich assholes…and all those who work in the Hollywood film industry.

I took a month-long Cali vacation last year, visiting deployment brothers in Sac, SF, Victorville, and LA. For shits and giggles, I kept telling everyone I met, “I’m thinking about moving out here. This place is awesome!”

To which everyone always replied, “WHY???!!! Why would you DO that!?!?”

lol no, I’ll never do that.

I was last in San Francisco in 2013 for the America’s Cup. Parts of the city were still really nice; however, the homeless problem was clearly evident as was the drug use. We stayed on the Embarcadero not far from the wharf and the Ghirardelli chocolate factory - there were homeless people all over the place right outside our hotel and one night some drug addict started scaling the side of the building.

The guests in the hotel were obviously shocked as we were all there for a prestigious sailing event and that wasn’t the type of environment that we were used to. At the price that my husband paid for our tickets and for our room we shouldn’t have had to deal with any homeless people or drug addicts.


This isn’t true…


Top 10 look like solid red states…

California is 39

This isn’t surprising…it’s the natural order of things. Supply and demand working. If 20% of people leave… then home prices will drop if there aren’t people itching to replace them. Good for people looking to buy a house.

It cost a lot to live here because living here was… and in some cases…still is… the place people want to live. There is a cost to nice weather, beaches, women, scenery, entertainment, etc.

There are also tons of high paying jobs…

It’s a shame they don’t all stay there instead of trying to infect nicer-Texas in their desperation to keep more of their own money.

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The flood gates are probably going to open now that the 1 percenters can’t write off much of that 13 percent state income tax with the new regs on SALT…it won’t take a flood of 1 percenters leaving to bankrupt California.

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AOC’s mother moved to Florida not to pay welfare taxes :rofl:

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It’s a steal…at $1,649,000…and it’s not even on the beach!


The listing says it has a fireplace…but the List of Feature says No Fireplace.

Count me out!

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*"Stopped into a church
I passed along the way
Well, I got down on my knees
And I pretend to pray…"

Pretending won’t cut it anymore! :pray: