53% Want to Leave California...What a Surprise (NOT)


One only needs to look at two things to get a firm grasp of how Dems ruin everything they get control of:

  1. NY Gov. Cuomo complained that their high taxes have driven out so many of the wealthy (see: taxpayers) that the state tax revenues have dropped by 2.7 billion dollars.

  2. The DNC includes in their priorities once they regain power: “addressing the pension problems in numerous states” - translation: ‘we’re going to hike taxes even more on all Americans to cover the profligate retirement benefit pandering we did during the dotcom boom.’

California Democrats have bankrupted the state through that very pandering. They have done their best to hide the 450 billion shortfall in CALPERS funding, but people are finding out, and the smart ones (like my wife and I) are leaving. We left two years ago (in May)- since then the home we sold is worth 200K less, and the home we bought in NV is worth 300K more.

From MacBeth:

LADY MACDUFF Every one that does so is a traitor, and must be hanged. 50
Son And must they all be hanged that swear and lie?
Son Who must hang them?
LADY MACDUFF Why, the honest men.
on Then **the liars and swearers are fools,
for there are liars and swearers enow to beat
the honest men and hang up them.

The liars and swearers, and Deomcrats now so outnumber the workers that the future is bleak if you are not a bum.


This thread reminds me of a line attributed to Yogi Berra, speaking about a restaurant: “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”


Kind of blends in well with:
California has the highest total public welfare expenditures at around $98.5 billion,

New York spends $3,305 on welfare per capita, while its total public welfare expenditures are $19.85 billion.


The very same problem exists in Miami , hundreds of homeless lining up outside hotels back door for food this was a daily occurrence . Visiting San Diego every morning they would have to wash down the sidewalks and runoff the homeless , only to repeat this process every day . 99.9 % were Latin and I guessing ILLEGAL .





Perhaps all illegals should be deported to California.


California is one of the largest economies in the world… you need us. All those red welfare states need our money. Don’t worry about us, we will be fine.


Not in this life time.

California is broke and broken as a state. Reality left their decades ago.

How’s that much needed train to nowhere???

How’s the feces on the streets of LA and San Fran?

It would be a great place to deport illegals from the rest of the country to as your so fond of them. Maybe 5 or 10 million more would make your beloved state see reality.

Why is it you spend 100 billion a year more than you collect in taxes???

Spending problem???


You should really stop lying…



Don’t look now but Dems love to flaunt their shit! :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:



They pay the people who pick up crap over $180k a year.


I can hardly wait for you to leave so you can demonstrate how great you will do on your own and how poorly the rest of us do without you. :wink:


Some advice. If you move to Texas, I want you to leave your retarded voting habits in California. We like it here, don’t bring stupidity with you.


No, we don’t need California. We WANT to keep this nation unified but would prefer the people unhappy enough to leave the state due to the mess Democrats have created leave their voting habits behind. Do NOT move to my state and turn it to the shit hole you just left. Ever notice how people flee liberal places constantly? The USSR, China, most of Central America, Cuba, Detroit, California, etc. They vote with their feet and flee Liberalism, then they move into their new home and start voting for Liberals. Absolute stupidity.


Some flee liberal places… mostly because everyone wants to live there so it is overcrowded and expensive (low supply and high demand).

Good problem to have tho! We will take our budget surplus and figure it out.


I just almost fell out of my chair laughing from that. Are you serious? Have you visited Detroit?


I always love those charts. Liberals mandate programs for food stamps, etc… apply the same threshold across the country and then feign surprise that more people are getting benefits in states with lower GDP per capita. Why do we have lower GDP per capita? Less government. Then you mandate military bases from the federal level, build roads, etc. . .so think about something. If they build a road across Nebraska -vs- building a road (interstate) across New Hampshire… think there’s going to be a difference in government spending? Do you think that interstate benefits California and New York by allowing for truck traffic between the two? How about government contracts? If tanks are built in Ohio, is it fair to accuse them of government dependency? If the government won’t secure the border, yet mandate education for those illegals, is that included in the figures? If someone pays into SS for 50 years in California, then moves to Texas to take advantage of the low cost of living, is that California funding Texas or someone fleeing the high cost of Liberalism? Take that crap with a grain of salt.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. Too funny.


Red states suck on the government tit more than blue states. Specifically California is in the bottom 10 of least dependent. Shrug…

California has the 5th largest economy in the world… shrug…