2020 Georgia runoff!

Just saw a vote counting location, all black counters, no cameras, observers must be 30 yards away lol

How many ballots are getting tossed? Haha


Imagine handing a black welfare queen 20 thousand ballots to count with no supervision. Multiply that by 10,000 lol


I suspect the dems will win the election in a landslide regardless of the count.

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Yea this ain’t looking good, they have legit almost kicked ballot observers out, as they sit there and toss republican ballots away… het let them win let’s get the civil war going


You know the queens are tossing 90% of republican ballots ha. I one is watching

Sterling just extended the counting 3 hours… all
The ballot counters are black.

No way republicans win

Huge ballot dump coming at 2 am

This could be a good thing! At least this could be a moment where maybe proof of being caught in the act finally surfaces!

They actually are pulling the same shit again! Un-Freaking believable!

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Hahahahahahahahahahaha do Georgian “republicans” in charge really think that they are going to “win” this? If they cheated in the last election, you expect them to run a clean one this time?

Enjoy your universal healthcare, UBI, 8 new supreme court justices, free college tuition, mandatory racial awareness training, and colonial China.


Again no poll Watchers any where near the counters, 10-30 feet away. Tons of out of town voters, Georgia state law if you weren’t registered to vote for the first vote you can’t vote for the runoff… its law. And she got 3 million new registered voters lol where is the courts lol

Nothing to see here just shredded ballots tonight image

Warnock projected winner? Statehood for Puerto Rico and DC when?

Damn that’s scary shit, popular vote, open Borders.

I can not believe this is legit! It isn’t! This guy is a racist POS!

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Seems like no one knows who this guy is. Wakey Wakey

Yeah! For real! We are certainly living in surreal times when garbage human beings like this gets elected, which is why no sane reasonable person would believe that his election victory is legit.

You have seen the worst of it yet. Child abuser, abortion-enabler, Farrakhan’s fan … People deserve what they vote for or allow to happen.

It is going to be interesting to see how all of this turns out after tomorrow. I am literally feeling how I used to when prepping for a firefight when I was in Mogadishu.

I am with you on the deserve part, as in “allow it to happen” because I certainly do not believe anybody with a conscience voted for this POS. Georgia the State of, should be ashamed to have allowed what has happened in this election cycle. First thought in my mind is going to Kemp’s and Raffensburger’s house with a bullhorn and firebombing the shit out of them. That list is getting longer by the day, and after tomorrow those masks are coming off with Tim Scott as of late joining the list to not object to the certification of electors.

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