2019 Is The Year They Destroy Christmas 🎄

2018 was the year the SJW left dipped their collective big toe into the waters to test their assault on Christmas with their railings against the Rudolph Christmas special, Baby It’s Cold Outside, and the whiteness of Santa. Their engines have been revving up for a whole year and now it’s time for them to start putting nails in the coffin. How long until the Rudolph special is banned from TV or radios stop playing Baby It’s Cold Outside? How long before Santa is turned into a fucking ■■■■■■ named Jamal? Get ready because 2019 is the year it all goes down.

It has been spoiled for a long time, by suing local governments for having Nativity Scenes displayed and store employees saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.
How soon will we have an LGBTQ Christmas show replace Peanuts and Frosty the Snowman turned into a Drag Queen.

In 2018 they ran test surveys asking about a gender neutral Santa.


Christmas has been ruined since it became a holiday-focused on the worst parts of capitalism, where we all waste our money buying shit from China just to give it away so someone else can throw it in the trash.


It’s a pagan holiday to begin with, with most of its trappings borrowed from idolatrous peoples long before Christianity even existed.

2019 Is The Year They Destroy Christmas

No they will not, because we are going to kill them first by putting them in a pot and boiling them alive!

All jokes aside! There will always be Christmas!

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Right on cue. Rudolph needs to be cancelled because there is some random bullying scene.

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This is why I have been getting digital copies of all of these classics. I’ll be damned if some miserable and self-loathing liberal who doesn’t even celebrate Christmas is going to take away Rudolph from my family.


A true Godless troll .

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Yep, god forbid we loose red nosed flying reindeer…

Peppermint Patty is butch.

And Flick from “A Christmas Story” was a porn actor. (Actually, that one actually happened after that kid grew up)

Since it first debuted, everyone has known the Rudolph story (and song) tells us that people are assholes until they need something from you. Even Santa.

Well aren’t you just absolutely miserable!

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For suggesting the big loss in loosing fictitious stories…

Reality is not as bad as people suggest.

For this Christmas I think that we should take away gender neutral bathrooms and catering to a bunch of crybabies who’ve never held a job in their lives.


Great. Spend your day how you wish.

Me? I will spend the day giving thanks for the day Christ was born and what it meant and means for mankind.

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Actually? Your reality is worse. Merry Christmas!

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Governments should not be promoting any religion. :man_shrugging:

You sound like someone who is from a broken family to be filled with such animosity towards the Christmas holidays. I hope you find peace this Christmas season!

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“In God We Trust”…

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