1980's on Trial

This is a great read from Mark Judge about growing up in the 80’s in contrast to today’s generation growing up in a whole different circumstance.

For context purposes and why this article is such a great read, Mark Judge went to school with Brett Kavanaugh and was hounded relentlessly by MSM during his confirmation hearings who falsely accused Kavanaugh of sexual (something) by Christine Blasey Ford Archives - The Stream and Mark Judge writes about how an entire era is looked down upon by today’s no nothings of wokism and token barbs graduating college with useless degrees in Gender and cultural studies. This article is so well written that it also has literary value that hints at so much more than what its title suggests which is why I will be including it in the Literary corner.


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Times were much different for Gen Z’ers. I like the writing style of this author.

You are older than me, so much of what he wrote about was referenced about 80’s culture, for me some of it was in the late 80’s 90’s but it all changed with the introduction of social media.

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This was very illuminating and I didn’t realize that Hollywood recruits in aggressive ways to build a network weapon. America is based on one big lie. Maybe that is why a lot of Americans are liars and can not be trusted around the world?

Please tell me that you posted that after too many drinks, or your head exploded after those articles reminded you of “Scanners”

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What are “scanners” ?

I grew up in a different world than the US, so please forgive me if I have no clue what you are talking about

You grew up in a world without liars, I guess - except when Americans intrude on it.

Which one big lie is America based on? When you say that Americans can’t be trusted around the world, do you mean that when I go to Italy, I might pick the pockets of the gypsies? In France, I might steal the big obelisk, or in England, steal the marble facade from the Parthenon?

Scanners was a funny movie from the 1980’s where people could use mysterious powers to make a person’s head explode.

How about war and regime change? How about intervention and interference in other countries affairs? How about your Government’s politicians and stealing from you the taxpayers? Americans can’t be honest with theirselves yet tell the rest of the world how to live.

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OK, I get it. English isn’t your native language so you’re clumsy and sloppy with it.

I try not to tell people from other countries how to live, but occasionally I will tell them to go fuck “theirselves” like I will do now. Go find Liz Cheney and keep warm in Wyoming.

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What precipitated this little exchange? You don’t agree with America’s imperialistic ambitions? Funny, I didn’t take you as one being offended by the truth. Did you read the article or did you skip that part just to address someone expressing an opinion you didn’t like?


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You do tell how others should live. I am sorry if being against wars such as Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan Iraq offends you but the rest of the world is tired of American imperialism that has destroyed lives then lie about it to the world. WMD’s, inventing COVID 19 etc.

I would go fk myself but I am happily married so thank you and I am not from Wyoming I am from Reincarnation country where honesty and simple living are virtues to be celebrated.

Go in peace first

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America Imperialism a long and distinguished practice.
The first example of American imperialism is Liberia.
Liberia is a nation on the west coast of Africa. In 1822, it was established by Americans as a colony for freed slave. Between its founding and the American Civil War in 1861, 15,000 freed African Americans migrated to Liberia.

The Philippines was an American colony from 1898 until 1946. It was one of the only major overseas territories the US took as a colony.
Spain conquered the Philippines in 1565 and the country was a Spanish colony for over 300 years. In 1898, the Spanish-American War broke-out. The main reason for the war was Cuban independence, with the US backing rebels on the island fighting against Spanish colonial rule. However, tensions between Spain and the US had been rising for two decades previously and America wished to reduce Spanish influence in the Caribbean and Pacific regions.

Other nifty examples. Hawaii, Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Samoa, Puerto Rico, the list is endless.


Not to mention the US has over 800 military bases around the world, if that is not imperialism then I don’t know what is! Its probably why the US spends more than any other country as it does for its military budget annually.

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