11 soldiers injured at Al Asad military base

Hopefully these soldiers recover without long term difficulties.

Apparently the Iranian strike was a much closer near miss than the Trump administration was willing to acknowledge, as many of us knew already by satellite imagery of the destruction.

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More lies and deceit coming out of the Trump administration. Funny, I thought Trump and the Republicans were all about supporting the troops? Why would they lie to the American people about our soldiers being injured? I think that’s a sign of weakness and cowardice.

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It may have more to do with giving Iran any public credit for the accuracy of the missile attack and to notify their families. Any public acknowledgement would only embolden Iran to further action or step up its PR efforts against the U.S…

Well it can’t be that because they just did. Anyway, Iran and the rest of us were already aware of the accuracy of Iran’s missiles. The satellite imagery has been available for some time.

Concussive symptoms for 11 out of 1500 service members.

No lives lost. No limbs lost.

For craps sake. I’ve had an actual concussion when I crashed my bike as a kid.


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I fell out of a tree once climbing it. Got a concussion from that too. It happens and requires a little rest and relaxation to get back to 100% - they’re just using this as a talking point.

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The health and well-being of our soldiers isn’t a talking point. Trump needlessly put them in harm’s way when he attacked Iran, committed an act of war, and illegally carried out an assassination. These are war crimes and our troops were put in harms way unnecessarily because of his reckless actions. I thought you all supported the military?

Grasping at straws as usual.

If concussions were a big deal (yet we are speaking concussive symptoms) contact sports would be eliminated. Where is the cry :sob: for that?

Blah, blah.

Why don’t you go embed yourself with the military? Go get woke.


You denying that Iran struck close enough with their missiles to hospitalize 11 troops? They said they would respond proportional to the attack on themselves and not kill Americans. They clearly positioned their guided missiles to do just that.

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Not only do they not REALLY care about that, they don’t REALLY care about character that they feigned was so gawd all important when Clinton was in office. The same with all the rest of their supposed moral imperatives. :joy:

Well that is quite the stretch. Hospitalized verses being evaluated for concussive symptoms in a hospital.

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I know some of the posts here are by folks with severe TDS, but they often sound more like ‘If a war damages Trump, then let’s have a war!’.

By trivializing the soldiers injuries they do two things. One, disrespect the troops that have been flown out of their home base to hospitals in Europe and UAE, and two, reinforce the fact that Iran was capable of striking America from a great distance, hitting close enough to inflict non life threatening injuries while keeping their commitment to using a proportional response, sending a real message.

Yeah, nobodies said that. In fact, there was anger at Trump for bringing us to the brink of war with Iran, and relief when he backed down instead of following through with his blustery promise to smack Iran hard if they did “anything” to retaliate for his assassination of Soleimani.

Was there?

Did he? Or did the Iranians back down?

I’d fully support that.

Wrong. They responded with a decisive strike, and despite his promise to hit them hard if they did so, Trump backed down. For that we can be thankful.

Trump certainly didn’t “back down” his line in the sand is US citizens/servicemembers killed.

11 people being treated and screened for possible concussions doesn’t come close to that bar.

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If the Iranian military had knocked off one of your Pentagon big cheeses you’d probably have nuked Iran!

That’s completely baseless and stupid thing to say.