11 more SENATORS to object, 140 congress members .. hehe

Can’t play chess if they are allowed to have 7 queens

At least you recognize the Biden is president elect.
Trump epitomized moral decay. Funny how the only two divorced presidents in history are republicans. And Trump’s married now to a whore who slept her way to where she is and pasted her ass in pornographic magazines. So spare the fake moral outrage…:roll_eyes:

Ahhh but millions of fake ballots is good for America lol

hahahaha where did you get you proof of voter fraud …FROM THE TOOTH FERRY HUH


Never said he wasn’t.

What is a fact is that he is a racist, kid sniffing pervert who is mentally unfit to run this country.

Sounds like Kamala Harris.

Right, that was my point, you’re at least acknowledging it as the rest here are not.

The rest is your opinion and that’s fine. More Americans feel that way about trump and denied him a second term because of it…

The policies Trump put into place while president were/are good for America.

In all of the years Biden has been in politics he’s done nothing remarkable. I expect that his Presidency will once again, set America back.

That’s the difference between folks like you and me. Our views of what we want for the country.

Biden is a “likeable” guy. So what. That doesn’t mean is is leadership material. Trump is not a “likeable” guy. But he definitely is leadership material as the results of his policies brought prosperity to a lot of Americans.

That’s WHOLLY subjective…:man_shrugging:

So black employment rising to historical levels is subjective?

I’m a fiscal conservative and I’m extremely pissed off that the guy who promised to pay off the national debt and run balanced budgets because it was so easy for a savvy businessman such as himself, has in reality presided over a debt explosion from 19.8 trillion to 27.8 trillion. And every federal budget that he has signed have been RECORD DEFICITS…and republicans are cricket’s. No complaints or criticisms from the so called conservatives on this board…

That is not consistent with conservative principles and is not prosperity…:roll_eyes:

Who is responsible for spending? Who just overrode Trump’s veto of the Defense Bill?

How much did congress cooperate with Trump on much of anything?

So you vote Democrat lol

Trump had both houses of congress when he gave a mammoth tax cut in 2017 that was never paid for.

You conveniently dodged my point that Trump pledged to pay off the national debt and run balanced budgets…

As candidate he trashed Obama for doubling the national debt, he argued that it was unsustainable and yet look at where it’s at now…

The debt is always the presidents fault when there’s a democrat in office and congresses fault when there’s a republican in office…:roll_eyes:

The president ALWAYS is the one that signs the budget and makes it law!!!

You’re delusional. It is the Democrats that want to make elections meaningless. If you can’t fathom that massive election fraud was committed before, on, and after Nov 3, 2020…you deserve what you get from here on out.

One legally registered citizen gets ONE VOTE…that’s the way it works!

The Electoral College keeps large, liberal infested cities from running roughshod over sparsely populated rural areas throughout the nation. That’s the way it works!

The STATE LEGISLATURES are solely responsible for determining the methods of choosing electors to the Electoral College. That’s the way it works!

Any other method (such as a Secretary of State or a bunch of judges changing the rules) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! That’s the way it works!


He pledged to do that in his first year? Second or third? Fourth?

No, he pledged to do that within 8 years.

Increasing growth
Eliminate wasteful spending.

We now see in a covid relief bill 25 million for gender studies in Pakistan. Did Trump put that there or did he demand cuts in foreign aid and wasteful spending?

The problem with spending is congress. They hold the purse strings, not the President.


Correct, he promised that in 8 years. And his first opportunity to prove to America that he could operate the country on balanced budget, he signed an unbelievable budget deficit, a record budget deficit because he’s a fraud and Americans denied him a second term because of it. :man_shrugging:

Well said… the tds tide pod eater is drowning lol

You’ll never know what would have happened to the budget had Trump been given another four years.

What do you think Biden will do with it?

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Trump didn’t even try to pay down the ND Diane…:man_shrugging:

Now it’s almost 28 trillion. He has pushed it into oblivion.

Again, his very first opportunity to prove that he could operate the country on a balanced budget as he so smuggly bragged in 2016, was destroyed when he signed into law a budget with a larger deficit than anything Obama signed in 8 years. His fraud ass has been fired and he’ll be evicted in 16 days…:+1: