11 more SENATORS to object, 140 congress members .. hehe

All we needed was one but damn! 12! Wow

All mike pence has to do is recognize 7 states electors and only identify real votes and Trump wins.

6 more joining! Damn! America is waking up!

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Kamala Harris still hasn’t resigned from her Senate seat

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They can put on whatever political theater that they want to. It won’t change the outcome of the election.

Hey queer! What if pence only recognizes 7 set of electors from the states in question? What do you do?

If the loosing side can overturn the election on January 6th, then that’s what the loosing side is going to do every 4th January 6th going forward…:thinking:

Well if they have Tens of thousands of sworn witnesses Of Voter Fraud

Ohh oooo

Apparent you do not care if there was massive fraud. That’s great as it sets the precedence for the next election. What the democrats do, the GOP can do better, just ask Harry Reid about his laughable nuclear option.


Retrumplicans are pledging to cheat in the next election when you would have thought that they were constitutionalists, and opposed election fraud…feature that…:roll_eyes:

If what republicans intend on doing on the 6th could actually reverse the certified election, then that’s what the loosing side would do every four years going forward making elections rather moot…:man_shrugging:

It’s fantastic that anybody really believes this horseshit…

But it has raised an incredible amount of money for Trump’s future trouble from poor gullible retrumplicans…

If Democrats have thousands of sworn affidavits of witness to voter fraud DO IT! But we don’t cheat like Democrats did lol
We just found truck loads of fake ballots lol
To be honest I don’t think the next Democrat president has been born yet. Keep trying

Given the aspersions cast on this election it is the right thing to do.

I highly doubt it is going to give Trump a second term. Biden will be our next president. Had he won fairly, I wouldn’t like it, but I would accept it.

I put policies over personality. It would seem leftist put personality over policies. Biden has done nothing for this country in all of the years he has “served” but “better to have someone likeable” even if he is a racist, kid sniffing pervert who is unfit to tie his shoelaces much less run a country.

It says quite a bit about the moral decay that is rotting this country from within.

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I’m still questioning how process will take place on the 6th, I’m hearing different things.
But if this objection gets both sides to put voter ID in to law. I’ll take it. Because Democrats will never win a again

you could have all the retrumpliCON GROUPIE senators and all the dumb az retrumpliCON
representatives and guess what…IT WON’T MATTER BIDEN WILL BE THE PRESIDENT ON JAN 20 2021…hahahahahaaha you’re a bunch of cry baby losers…

If you all had mommies I’d tell you all to go cry on their laps but because you’re all a bunch of russians
big daddy putin will pat your heads…

No ones going to cry lol we know we won no matter the outcome. We know massive cheating took place. And we will sit there and say we told ya so lol

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I’ll take it as well. There is zero reason not to have clean and fair elections.


Yes, more than likely Biden will be President.

There is a bigger picture at play. It affects your side as well as mine in future elections.

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Right but, in typical Liberal fashion, they can’t see the forest for the trees.

They are still trying to figure out checkers while the rest of us are playing chess.

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