Zero Dollars: Trump Requests No US Taxpayer Funds for Palestinians in New Budget


This is good. No more money to those terrorists

In the past few years, the Trump administration has cut off U.S. assistance to the Palestinians through enacting measures such as the Taylor Force Act and the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act, the former of which requires Palestinians to stop paying salaries to terrorists and the families of criminals killed while committing terror offenses or forfeit U.S. aid.

The United States cut funding to the Palestinians’ dedicated United Nations agency (UNRWA) in August.

The administration requested that American assistance to Israel remain at $3.3 billion.


That ought to make Magog wet his pants.


This is a strategy hatched up by Jared Kusner to get the Palestinians to the bargaining table to negotiate a new peace settlement in which he has been working on for quite some time. Will it work? Time will tell.


If it works it will only be temporary… till the Palestinians get money again. Then they will use the money to build new schools for their children…from which they will launch new rocket attacks into Israel.


Sending massive amounts of foreign aid to impoverished countries only ensures they will need more aid in later years.

The more you feed, the more they breed, the more they need.

Also - Israel deserves nothing in foreign aid.


Why be timid?

The Constitution offers no delegated power for federal foreign aid. Cut it all off.


Make no mistake, foreign aid is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. No foreign aid should be provided to any country and as Americans we should be rioting in the streets over this shit.


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And Freshman level English: How to Write Anti-West Protests Signs the TV Media will Pay Attention To.


Is that before or after the Israeli’s cross the line into the Palestinian territory and bulldoze people’s houses in order to expand their borders and build Jewish settlements?


That is before…


Yeah - not so sure about that.


Israel has the power to push these folks into the sea but doesn’t.

The PA is dedicated to pushing the Jews into the sea but can’t.


It’s funny how Jews can have an all Jewish country, with a state enforced Jewish religion, state enforced Jewish values (or lack thereof), can drop chemical weapons on children, genocide Palestinians, have an entire political ideology (zionism) dedicated to the promotion of their people But God forbid White people want to live in a White neighborhood. That’s racist! Screw America! Let’s send more shekels to the poor Israelis!



Interesting… but how does that prove that Palestinians have not acted first to threaten the Jews?


Woah - that is really racist! Israel must learn to be more multicultural.


Dude… tell me why Egypt blocks Palestinians too.


Stay on topic - when people like Golda Meir say that Palestinians don’t exist, it’s obviously a hostile act aimed at justifying the dispossession of a people. They want to justify taking the land.

When people say whites don’t exist, they’re trying to justify our dispossession. They want our lands.

The connections are amazing, if you have the courage to make them. Now run along like a good little goy and continue shilling for Israel. You are a traitor to America.


The Jews: “There wasn’t even anything there before we showed up and built Israel with your shekels Goyim. Also the Palestinians don’t even exist”

Also the Jews: “Apartheid had to be ended in South Africa because those evil white people have oppressed the noble negros by building a functioning society there”

CLOWN WORLD :clown_face:


Traitor to America. Hahahagagaha… I wore the uniform of a US Air Force officer and did more for our nation than your ass could even imagine. Pfffft… 10 to 1 you never even fucking served.

Oh yeah, dude…you are real REK fucking T. Like mom spanked your ass for not coming up from the basement long enough to empty.the trash.


Good, take the money we would have otherwise sent the Palestinians on Border Security at home.