Volodymyr Zelenskyy is no better than Putin! Reported by Fox news and others, Zelenskyy has had political opponents arrested and seized their assets. Further he has shut (pre-invasion) three TV stations and now has declared that the opposition parties are now shut down… Millions of dollars have been spent on another corrupt government. I do not support Russia, but it seems normal that Ukraine is corrupt. Tucker: You should be worried about this - YouTube

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Yep, pretty much existing news.
Ukraine is not worth hanging our hat on but in the need to blame Biden, and insist that we wouldn’t be talking about Putin in Ukraine were Trump president, Biden will be accused of being weak for not going to war with Russia via the declaration of a NFZ….In fact, we already know Putin would have plowed right in if Trump was president as Trump already told us that Putin’s “special military operation” is brilliant……:roll_eyes:

Of course if Biden did drop US troops on the ground in Ukraine, he’d be criticized for doing that without a congressional declaration of war….

There is no ground in which he’s not criticized, but steadfastly refusing a NFZ and US boots on the ground is the correct policy….

Zelensky left Kiev long time ago. All his videos are done with him alone, there’s nothing to show he is still in Kiev.

In other words, he is just a spokesman without power, certainly not a president.


We are very aware NOBODY better criticized braindead Biden OR ELSE .
How the hell did you bring Trump into that post ? :clown_face:

Of course that’s possible. Can’t say definitively….

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