Your children, Your family, Your Friends are being Hunted!

Somali blacks shoot an unarmed White kid in the back in Minneapolis. This is not mainstream news. Why? The great replacement theory is not a theory anymore! Get the bigger picture on why they are allowing illegals and placing third world pirates into the interior of the United States? See WEF agenda!


This all started with Obama and the race war he ignited. By design? You bet! Protect your loved ones should be priority number one!


This was sickening to watch but emotions have to be removed if we are to be in a state of vigilance to protect ourselves at all costs.

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As you say, you can take so-and-so out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of him.

Back to Africa. Back to the jungle, where they belong. Problem solved.

Send back the skinny’s to pirating in their shit-hole countries that they came from.

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