Young mom shot and killed for saying ‘All Lives Matter: Documented Violence Against White People Official Thread

This should be considered outrageous by many who still believe in civil society and a shot across the bow that lights the powder keg some expect and have been waiting for while the country is in the the midst of a Marxist revolution. I wonder if this story will end up as another statistic as other narratives bury it beneath the bird cages of sensationalistic porn or simply a victim of a apathetic public too weary to care anymore?

She’s not the right color so no one will care.

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I decided that every time a white people is wrongly attacked, killed I am going to document it in this thread.

Notice how they always act big and tough but consistently sneak up on people and hit them or attack people in packs.

Its disgusting and God help us when such people under attack start fighting back.

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This is why when you get loud with them when they are by themselves they automatically go into de-escalation mode. Even if you are half their size.

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That’s a great point. They think this is funny. Unfortunately for them, the young men who are bearing the brunt of this wokeness do not find it funny. These woke morons bitch and complain about colonialism without drawing the logical connection to what happens when they piss off the one group of people that historically conquered the Earth.

As much as I dislike BLM they are the gift that keeps on giving. No amount of rational conversation would wake most whites up. But seeing whites getting their skulls cracked on TV, or murdered in cold blood because of their race, has a bracing effect.

Get your war paint ready!