Yes, the collapse is coming

America is just another great civilization in the throes of death, the wise see this, but the fools see nothing and the fools are in charge.


There are still enough rational people that will prevent that from happening.

The liberals are showing their true colors and it isn’t looking pretty for them.

They are doing more harm to their cause then they can possibly realize. That they are associated with the democrat party is a bonus.

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The fools are career politicians and will do everything possible to retain power

It’s why term limits in Congress is essential to the survival of this country

Power corrupts
Absolute power corrupts absolutely


I don’t see the rational people.

This is worth repeating and repeating often.


Stock up on dried foods to last a few months.

And filtration device that requires no electricity (if you have no access to potable water such as wells and springs).

It has also been suggested to get a bicycle for each adult member of the family so that you can get more food items outside the walking range. Forget about getting gasoline.

I hope the collapse comes soon. Let these pussy commies come fuck around and find out.

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A society is unsustainable if it allows cities to burn every time a black felon violently resists arrest and gets killed.

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That is the Marxists goal. Their hopes are from the ashes to reshape society from their own ideas. A new social contract is their ultimate objective.

And with fools making the laws that will never happen !!!

Let them burn and loot their hoods because they will not enter areas where there are 80% or more white . It will be the old west there for sure !!!

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I agree…why doesn’t our President sign and executive order for that?

I requires an amendment to the constitution.

Im sure our President can do something

Not likely as lawsuits would ensue and it would end up in the SCOTUS and they certainly would rule with the requirement for an amendment.

Isn’t that what you call self cleaning ovens in America - just let them get on with it

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America, used to be called a pot (melting, not the smoking kind). Now an oven.