Yellowstone. --a great show/series

“Yellowstone”. in it’s third season right now, just gets heavier and heavier.

If you haven’t been watching it you should catch up and starting watching. Just a great show

It’s on Paramount channel and Country Music Channel.

Here a early interview with Kevin Costner during season one.

Its turning out to be a modern day version of the show “Dallas”. Although for me on a personal level, it hits home because I am familiar with the region and the lifestyle of the rancher, so is always this feel to it that hits me in my solar plexes in a form of lament.

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It is very visceral

Yellowstone nat’l park and Montana was always my favorite after going there as a kid.

The show also has qualities that made Dances with Wolves, Open Range, so visceral also. Kevin Costner at his best. The whole mood is deep, I have to watch each episode twice. It’s not soap opera it’s epic.

Love this series and like most great shows talks of it being cancelled in the air .

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I love this series, it’s a great show. :+1:


They better not. That would be horrendous.

Wikipedia says it’s been renewed for season 4

“In February 2020, Paramount Network renewed the series for a fourth season, ahead of the premiere of its third season.[[2]]”

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Anyone not knowing where to watch it without cable TV

" If you’re late to the game, you can re-watch past seasons to familiarize yourself with the Dutton family. If you have cable, head to Paramount Network’s website to stream all the previous episodes. But if you recently cut the cable cord to save money or just want to avoid commercials, you can buy each episode on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, or Vudu.

The show isn’t available on Hulu or Netflix, and it looks like it won’t be any time soon: Yellowstone landed an exclusive streaming deal at NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock.

This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site."

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I just download it! Best source for watching is EZTV. Torentz!

Thoughts on ep 8.

Loved the image of the freeing of the horse. The representations of American freedom, and our beautiful landscape is something to be cherished.

In the aftermath of Monica’s assailant being killed, the image of tobacco was something that I know, and was curious why they needed to add this detail. Nevertheless it is authentic as that is very much part of our tribes culture too; for example after killing a beast while on the hunt, tobacco is always used to say thank you in the form of a thanks giving prayer. Ever since I was hunting my grandfather taught me this when I was barely able to hold a 22.

Ep 09

So many different angles here for me to consider. Such as the black woman in power over the white woman? Jamie not focused on his job, but confused about who he is? The drifter coming back? Where does the season finale go now?

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I don’t know, but if they suddenly have a giant earthquake and Supervolcano, it will be an artistic copout
I think we can guess who the two sides will be.

Dutton just said, There has to be another way.

That can be taken metaphorically as well. I just feel and I really hope I am wrong here that a SJW narrative is being forced into this story somehow.

I am waiting to see what the she-devil has up her sleeve. She wasn’t featured in this episode, and probably to build tension leading up to a-hole doing yoga in the nude! Anyway, I kind of hoping Senior Dutton makes a peace deal with Rainwater returning the land to his people in order to stick it to the greedy d-bags! That to me would be bigger than any other SJW narrative currently!

I hope the kumbaya isn’t lame. And then…“we don’t want a casino.”. That is impure.

What do you think about that? Are you thinking the same as a possibility?

yes but I hope not so stupid.

There will be some action

You mean like some gay like cringe worthy crap?

Is this the last season or is it signed for a fourth? The reason I ask, is because that makes the difference!

Another Season approved
If the show turns cringy…that would be terrible.

The guy who plays “Rip” was in the TV series “Rogue” which is quite a departure to what he is playing now.

OK, so don’t expect any huge life changing bombs, but the kind that draws the viewers to next season. “Cliff Hanger”

I saw a little of that.

Saying, “there has to be another way,” means the writers are setting us up for S4

So Season 3 finale was last night. No spoilers.

Cliffhangers and action.

I had to watch it a couple times because it was so heavy with events and innuendos.

I hope they don’t take too long to give us Season 4.