Yang leaves the race

Your choice of the term, “legal immigration”, is duly noted. It is ILLEGAL immigration that President Trump has reduced.

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Show me where I stated anything about illegal immigration numbers.

Now why don’t you try giving a straight answer and refute the actual points that I made instead of making up things that I didn’t say and refuting those in order to win an argument that we aren’t even having.

^^^ THIS…

Kinda why we elected Republicans to the House, Senate, and White House in 2016.

When a republican president engages in deficit spending, he’s a hero, but when a democrat president engages in deficit spending, he’s wasteful and irresponsible.

Funfact: Under Reagan, we had the most debt. Even Obama didn’t come close.

Reagan’s 1986 “amnesty act” led to 15 million votes for Barack Obama. MOST CONSERVATIVE PRESIDENT EVER.

Bernie says he wants to “transform” America. I believe he really does. Just what he wants to turn it into is unmistakable. He wants a totally socialist country with a poor economy, a weak military and a ruling oligarch of rich government officials (like him) to ride herd on the worker bees.

Obama had the same idea.

All the no good bastard Bernie is doing is pandering to the “gibsmedats” that want the cost of their existence paid for by others.

Socialism historically sucks big time. Just ask a Venezuelan refugee. What a shame that once beautiful, thriving country turned to shit at the hands of a corrupt socialist government.

I say, “Screw you, Bernie!”

Yang can also kiss my ass!


You’ve been putting the wrong kind of mushrooms on your pizza, guy!

More debt was created under Obozo than under all previous Presidents added together.

One thing you liberals have down pat is lying.


I don’t agree with Yang’s freedom dividend…but I do think he was onto something in terms of the need for more entrepreneurship in the US. Instead of people aspiring to go work for companies they should aspire for even greater things like owning their own business. There’s nothing wrong with that message.

There’s definitely something wrong with wanting to give a thousand a month to every person in the country.

Even if he just gave it to the voters in the 2016 election, it would be $128,824,246,000.00 (roughly 128.8 BILLION per month.

1.545890952E12 or 1.545 TRILLION PER YEAR

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Yes. I know that. My very first sentence.

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I was just putting a conservative number on it. :grin:

Its funny how Biden is still hanging in there.

Alot of articles I’ve seen covering this were just people whining abount not getting paid.

Did he grab the bag and run off with it?

Not really much in explaining how his platform wasn’t viable.

That’s almost as much as the government collects in income taxes. (1.8T)

So the answer is “No, you can’t give us a straight answer for a change”.

If you tear down a decrepit unlivable old house and rebuild on the same site a brand new, modern, state of the art home do you have a new home?

How about another try?

Number one on your list.

There is no wall and has been no reduction in legal immigration. All they did was fix existing segments of the wall.

Ever read your own posts?