WWII - Allies could have defeated Germany at any time

I just read something very interesting to a WWII buff.
The Allies could have defeated Nazi Germany at any time by using poison gas . German transport was defendant on horse drawn vehicles. Gas would have killed the horses, stopping the German army in it’s tracks.
Following is an interview with Herman Goering after his capture"

From “Of Spies and Stratagems,” by Stanley Lovell:

Q. We know you had Gas Blau [[a name used for nerve gas](which would have stopped the Normandy invasion. Why didn’t you use it?
A. Die Pferde (the horses).
Q. What have horses to do with it?
A. Everything. A horse lies down in the shafts or between the thills as soon as his breathing is restricted. We never have had a gas mask a horse would tolerate.
Q. What has that to do with Normandy?
A. We did not have enough gasoline to adequately supply the German Air Force and the Panzer Divisions, so we used horse transport in all operations. You must have known that the first thing we did in Poland, France, everywhere, was to seize the horses. All our material was horse-drawn. Had we used gas you would have retaliated and you would have instantly immobilized us.
Q. Was it that serious, Marshal?
A. I tell you, you would have won the war years ago if you had used gas – not on our soldiers, but on our transportation system. Your intelligence men are asses!



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The book “The wizard war” (though it might have a different title in the UK) tells of how the allies held back on using chaff to defeat early German radar for fear that - because it was so easy to manufacture - the Germans would look at it and say “Aha!” and then use it against us.
Development of defensive measures and then countermeasure and counter counter measure has been going on ever since.

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