Writing's on the wall for Hong Kong as Communists take over


Hong Kong is in the last throes of the communist takeover.

The pro-democracy leaders are being rounded up in Hong Kong under the guise of virus protection.

Unfortunately today, we can only hope to possibly contain Communist China and it may be to late.Tricky Dick started this and all presidents except Trump bowed down so Cooperate America could take advantage of cheap labor and little if any environmental regulations. In its quest( greed) for higher profit, they shafted American workers.
The only hope is to somehow contain them from expanding their influence further which is slmost too late.
President Trump should IMMEDIATELY offer incentives to any U.S. business willling to move to Taiwan and IMMEDIATELY establish an Embassy in Taipei. Let theCommies try to threaten it.

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Who is Tricky Dick, please?
I honestly don’t know.

… and the UK government is preparing to issue visas to HK nationals who want/need to leave.

I am not sure which of the HK threads to choose, so I chose this one.

A summary of the imposition of thought-policing in HK

From this article …

I am in the middle of it as well, awaiting to see what happens in relation to banking. It certainly is a conundrum.

“I am not a criminal!”…so he said! :rofl:

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