Writer touted by CNN as 'Journalist of the Year' forced to resign for writing fake news

The German magazine Der Spiegel revealed Wednesday that one of its top award-winning journalists fabricated many of his articles, inventing characters, sources, and their quotes “on a grand scale” for many years.

Claas Relotius, a reporter and editor, admitted to fabricating parts of at least 14 stories following the magazine’s internal investigation. The publication said the issue “marks a low point in the 70-year history of Der Spiegel.”

“I am sick and I need to get help,” he reportedly told the magazine.

The reporter contributed around 60 articles to Der Spiegel, one of the leading German magazines for investigative reporting. He previously worked for other publications in Europe and won awards such as CNN Journalist of the Year in 2014.

The fabricated articles include a phone interview with the parents of free agent NFL player Colin Kaepernick and a story about an American woman who claims to have volunteered to witness the executions of death row inmates.

Relotius also drew the fury of locals in Fergus Falls, Minn., after spending three weeks in town and fabricating facts, characters and quotes from people in an effort to portray the town in a negative light.

“What happened is beyond what I could have ever imagined: An article titled ‘Where they pray for Trump on Sundays,’ and endless pages of an insulting, if not hilarious, excuse for journalism,” wrote Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn who investigated Relotius’ Der Spiegel article about the town.

Both Anderson and Krohn went on to reveal that the article doesn’t contain any truth except for the town’s population, the average temperature, and names of the businesses or public figures.

Nearly everything else, including a coal plant employee named Neil Becker, who doesn’t actually exist, or quotes from a restaurant employee, who was falsely called the owner of a restaurant and whose son was given a fictional illness, was made up.

Relotius’ work was first called into question in November after another reporter for the magazine worked with him on a story about a border militia in Arizona. The reporter found that the supposed interviews never happened.

The Relotius case resembles past instances where journalists have been caught fabricating stories. Those accused previously have included Stephen Glass, who was fired from the New Republic magazine, Jayson Blair, fired from the New York Times, and Janet Cooke, a Washington Post reporter whose story about a child addicted to heroin won a Pulitzer Prize before it was revealed to be a fabrication.

So one fake news Journalist gets busted, only ten thousand more to go. The news deceiving the public these days is not only accepted, it is expected by many media outlets now because it promotes clicks/views which boosts income for the media outlets - who are bankrolled by ad agencies. Every time we go read a fake article in a link, it increases numbers of clicks/views which eventually results in better ad sales for the MSM company.

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Wait if that were the standard most of the alleged journalists would be toast.

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This moron wrote an article about a Syrian refugee in Germany finding 1000 Euro on the street and tracking down the owner. The refugee didn’t exist, the money didn’t exist, and the owner of the money didn’t exist.


Just proves that Trump was right about CNN and their fake news network


Should has stuck with writing fictions instead. Oh well.

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CNN no longer has an "journalist " just the usual mud slingers !!!


…this “CNN’s Journalist of the Year, 2014,” made up stories, lied about helping orphans…

It seems he needed to fabricate sympathetic stories to generate donor cash for his personal bank account.



Claas Relotius, 33, is facing new accusations that he solicited donations for orphans of the war in Syria, donations that he ultimately pocketed, reported CBS.

As part of the fakery scandal over the former CNN International’s Journalist of the Year, residents of Fergus Falls, Minn., dispelled a variety of falsehoods in his piece “ In a small town” that took aim at “the people who pray for Trump on Sundays.” Relotius is accused of making up quotes, interview subjects, and facts in potentially dozens of stories spanning years.

The leftist Der Spiegel fired the anti-Trump journalist and CNN hero.

The German magazine is filing a criminal complaint against the writer after learning he funds he raised for two Syrian orphans (one of whom did not exist) went to his bank account.

It’s looking mighty bad for the Trump-bashing iconic hero of CNN.

My hopes are that Der Spiegel gets a judgement against Relotius large enough to make him wish he’d never picked up the art of writing…and that he has lots of time in prison to think about it.