Wow! – Puerto Rico Governor Fires Emergency Response Director After Massive Warehouse of Unused Aid Discovered

When reading this story the first thought that comes to mind is Democrats prioritising playing politics over rightfully distributing Humanitarian aid to the needy. This is pretty staggering on so many fronts that I really don’t know where to begin to express my contempt for the disrespect shown towards the generosity of Tax payers dollars being wasted like this. If you are not outraged by this story then you are not American and you are just another sheep living on the plantation that’s given into indifference. This is a direct slap to the face of every hard working Tax payer whose generosity to help a country like Puerto Rico in a time of crisis is a blatant act of fraud perpetrated by Democratic policies. In a country that has been known for its corruption for many years we should have been more vigilant about how this was handled and as seen in the video there is some serious cash sitting in this warehouse! This latest breathtaking discovery takes it up another level and it seriously needs to be addressed in the worst possible way that should yield severe consequences. This is totally unacceptable! Shame is not enough!

Here is the video to give you an idea of the size and scope of the aid that was not given to the people in need. We are talking several millions worth.

What has been found here is a massive storage facility. I would estimate the size of the warehouse around 200,000 sq ft (minimum) based on video and exterior truck bays.

The video shows thousands of pallets, double and triple stacked, of key and essential emergency supplies. Bottled water, shelf-stable food, diapers, baby formula, blankets, tarps, tents, propane grills, propane, emergency lights, batteries, flashlights, emergency radios, potable water cans and much, much more.

To give you an idea of the scale, there’s at least 100 semi truck loads of supplies in this video, in this single warehouse.

Logistically each trailer would haul 22/24 single stack pallets, or 66/72 triple stack. With more than a dozen staged pallet jacks, this warehouse is holding serious money.

It is unfathomable these supplies were not distributed; and worse yet were likely being re-sold on the black market.

These emergency supplies and materials were delivered in 2017. On December 28th, 2019, a magnitude 4.7 earthquake hit Puerto Rico and President Trump authorized an additional $8.2 billion in aid….

Trump was correct in calling this out on Democrats and a reason why this isn’t being covered in MSM like it should!


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This is pretty freaking outrageous and I am thoroughly disgusted that this is not being reported by the MSM!

Where are the liberals to try and paint this as being Trump’s fault?

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Trump is right, the Dems are disgraceful. They know the corruption is going on and supplies mismanaged or even sold on the black market.

There should be oversight and condition put on receiving aid such as we have troops stationed in the warehouses to make sure it is being properly distributed and accounted for and gets to the intended recipients.

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Truly disgraceful is not enough to describe this travesty! If I were Trump I would tell PR to pound sand and they will not get another dime and to use what is in that warehouse to properly distributed to the people who need it!

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Of course this happened. All around the world there are people like Democrats that get into government to profit, steal and screw over other people. They go into government to hurt people with their power. Pick any country, just like Dems in the US, corruption is everywhere. Our protectorates are not exempt from third world level corruption masquerading as the corrupt DNC.

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We need to pick it up and bring it back here.

How many Americans could use these supplies?

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Don’t forget to add RHINO’s into your equation :wink:

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What the PR government has been doing to their own people is despicable. That trashy Carmen Yulin Cruz idiot and many others equal to, higher up, and below, have abused their own people to push their personal political agenda and enrich their pockets. PR Corruption needs attention and the corrupt need prison.


This was a well organized scam.

They diverted part of the supplies and hid them away for later use or sale knowing that US taxpayers would bail their sorry asses out once again and send more (and Trump got blamed as a bonus for them).

Remember they did it w/ electrical grid parts too
FEMA & Army had to raid hidden warehouses to get them back.

I am literally blown away by this! How can this happen?

PR needs to have a control board to fix the mess there. There have already been arrests made including the mayor on corruption charges. What gets me even more mad, is the fact Democrats are wanting to send even more money to that hell hole without any oversight and then people like Monte bitch about deficits! This is your deficit morons!

Truly a disgrace as taxpayers are paying to rebuild in the same places affected by hurricane. NJ beach houses, New Orleans blow sea level houses, Biloxi beach houses and businesses. How does that make any sense as it applies to Puerto Rico also.

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This is what happens when Democrats are in charge! It’s an established pattern in cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles and many others, yet dumb asses keep voting for them telling us how smarter they are then their counterparts. Repeating the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.

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Managing a disaster fiscally from 80K feet in DC seldom works as local people decide what to do with the tax payer dollars.

But we must impeach our President over (what is it exactly?) The hypocrisy is truly astounding.

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It’s time to cut Puerto Rico loose. They are a drain on US taxpayers and their economy adds no value. They are leeches that need to fend for themselves.

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Sleazy left wing politicians would have their own people starve or die of thirst, just to try and make Trump look bad!

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Apparently this story isn’t over yet!

Puerto Rico mob finds unused disaster supplies

Politicians in Puerto Rico spent weeks bashing President Trump while hiding aid from their citizens.

An angry crowd in earthquake-rattled Puerto Rico stormed a warehouse Saturday after learning that it contained a stash of emergency supplies — that had been sitting untouched since Hurricane Maria slammed the island in 2017.

Word of the squandered supplies spread online Saturday after blogger Lorenzo Delgado posted a video on Facebook of locals breaking into the warehouse, which is shown to be holding cases of bottled water and other emergency supplies.

Locals are seen hauling cases out of the warehouse, and — in one image — distributing the supplies to a throng of people outside.

“This is outrageous,” Ponce Mayor Maria Melendez told reporters. “Everyone knows what us mayors went through after Hurricane Maria and to try and get help to our cities and how we’ve worked these weeks to provide basic supplies to people affected by earthquakes.”

“Those involved owe us an explanation,” she said.

The discovery prompted Gov. Wanda Vazquez to fire the island’s director of emergency management, Carlos Acevedo, and to order a full investigation into the matter.

“There are thousands of people who have made sacrifices to help those in the south, and it is unforgivable that resources were kept in the warehouse,” Vazquez said, noting that the supplies had been in the warehouse since Maria.

The governor has asked the Puerto Rican senate to install Jose Reyes, head of the island’s national guard, as the new commissioner of emergency management. Secretary of State Elmer Roman told Univision news Saturday that there may also be other warehouses on the island with unused stores of supplies.

He said officials hoped to wrap up the initial probe within 48 hours.

This always happens. We send aid to help people hurt by a natural disaster and the politicians keep it all for themselves. TIME TO STOP SENDING AID!