Wow 9 months and Biden the worst POTUS EVER

Biden beats out Carter as our worst president

Does Joe Biden honestly believe that the world and America are safer places because of his policies?

Our enemies are watching and waiting for a response from him. . North Korea is restarting nuclear research; China is flexing its power in the North China Sea and threatening Taiwan; Russian cyber attacks are continuing; and Iranian terror groups and our American border are both spiraling out of control.

These are only a few of the issues Biden has to deal with. If he has a plan, he certainly don’t seem able to show it to the American people.

Biden talks tough, but his actions speak louder. This so-called “successful evacuation” of Afghanistan was handled so poorly that even the courageous work of our heroic military men and women couldn’t back up his words that all Americans and allies would be brought out before we left.

It was all talk. Blaming everyone from President Trump to the military planners to even the actual people stranded behind enemy lines was Biden’s fallback solution. How can any of our allies ever believe anything he says? Biden says he did not want to pass this “forever war” on to a fifth president. Well, terror groups are emboldened by his policies and are now better equipped.

Jimmy Carter must be jumping for joy. He is no longer the worst president we have ever had. In eight months, Joe Biden has been able to turn the USA into a weak, unreliable laughingstock on the world stage.

To all those who voted against Donald Trump, I hope you are happy. Your hatred of Trump led to this country’s decline. God bless America.

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