Worst measles outbreak in decades sweeps New York as cases surge in Oregon, Washington and abroad


Where in the Constitution is that First Amendment Right when exercising one’s beliefs hurts others? Whether the others are within or outside the group?

The Free Speech Right ends when lying about another or yelling FIRE :fire: in a crowded theater.

Except in the state of Michigan, where a judge ruled not allowing “parents” in a particular Islamic sect the right to mutilate their little girls violated their First Amendment Rights, do we accept such harmful behaviors as honor killings and suicide to save face as part of the First Amendment?

And where in the Constitution is any provision for a group existing from the labors of others? The Hasidic Jews of New York have a small percentage of their population engaged in the diamond trade, but a large percentage having many children dependent on various welfare programs for their existence.

The sperm & egg donors should have no right at all to forfeit vaccinations (barring a medical exception), as the measles epidemic is spreading outside the Ultra Orthodox community and the Hasidic are largely dependent on the bitten hands that feed them.


My husband is from one of the third world countries, and families were not given the choice to not vaccinate.

Which of these countries mentioned has a significant percentage of illegals to New York?

AFAIK the Ultra Orthodox shitters responsible for this epidemic are native born. Some have even spread their pestilence through Israel, which isn’t a third world country.


The turd World Countries include ; Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico , Ecuador , Guatemala, Honduras ,Somalia, on and on ….

A record high 3 million illegal’s live in New York City, more than any other city in the world. They bring Typhoid Fever , Hepatitis A , yellow fever , aids ,measles ,mumps ,rubella , chickenpox , pneumonia, tuberculosis , and influenza

Without vaccination,epidemics of many preventable diseases will return, resulting in increased illness and deaths and a lower quality of life.