World war 3 India slaughters 5 Chinese soldiers in bloody massacre border

The news comes after Indian Army there were losses on both sides of the battle and one of its officers and two soldiers were killed in a “violent faceoff” at Galwan Valley, one of the four standoff points in the eastern Ladakh sector.

Oh imagine that China is going to be hated by multiple countries the SOB’s deserve it.

Well, if true which so far I am not sure it is due to no media outlets reporting on this story, and a larger conflict breaks out, the US could easily arm the Indians as payback for what China did in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. I wouldn’t lose sleep over it either.

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Not to worry @MindWars, the US will butt into any conflict that happens anywhere around the world…

But referring to such ongoing skirmishes as WW3 is hyperbolic.