WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Sexually Abused Boy Bander Breaks Her Silence,

Ricky Garcia, 20, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in which he named his ex-manager Joby Harte, 37, Joby’s Hot Rocks Media business partners Paul Cohen and Sheri Anderson Thomas, talent agency APA, former APA agent Tyler Grasham, and manager Nils Larsen, currently employed by Management 360.

The suit alleges that from the age of 12 years old Ricky was groomed, sexually abused and raped on a weekly basis, and that Joby Harte passed him around as a “sexual plaything” to other powerful pedophiles throughout the business.

The day the suit was filed articles appeared in People, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, and TMZ, among others. However, despite the serious nature of the charges and the many and far-reaching implications of the case, not a single outlet pursued the story further.

Every breath these degenerates take, deprives a decent creature of oxygen. What I said: childhood is a very short period in a very short life. No one has the right to steal a child’s innocence. There are sins that cannot be forgiven.

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It’s the mothers fault for whoring out her young son to these jackals in exchange for easy money. Nothing worth having in this world is free or comes easy.


The parents of these children have to know that something is up with these Hollyweird people yet they play along with it because they want the fame and fortune.

I agree with you. The parents should be held just as responsible as these pedos. Although let’s be real, no one is going to hold these pieces of shit responsible because they are the ones with power and money.

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Good that this is coming out in litigation. There’s been talk of this for years.


Truly sickening and unconscionable.

Think of all the degeneracy we see on TV and Movie screens and you can only imagine how much worse it is behind the screen.

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If pedophilia is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, the abusers should be executed & dumped in a landfill. If a parent killed the pedophile, the parent would probably get off.