Word Farts from Iceville

You’re in power dammit! Do something,… - Judge Jeanine Pirro
Jun 17, 2017

Judge Jeanine is an attractive articulate and knowledgeable woman that should be free from censorship rules to get her opinions across . You can see she seethes at holding back what she really would like to say ( using swear words).
Too bad she isn’t the USAG as prosecutions would be done without hesitation and she wouldn’t put up with any BS.
She is one of my favorites on Fox.


She will spend Eternity doing Bride of the Burro matinees for food.

Vanilla Ice you’re JEALOUS!!!


Of what?

I doubt she shreds, and probably can’t hit a golf ball more than 30 yds…

Your right !! It must be rough in mommies basement pounding away . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

She could handle my BALLS anytime!!!

Aren’t they currently residing in a thimble ?

No there isn’t any room with your brain already there!!! Stop your personal insults like this. I don’t mind other types of insults but your crossing a line DOUCHE BAG!!!

What is a word fart from Iceville?

Odious prose emanating from the Iceboy’s butt

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No…I’m just better at it than you.

And you’re so proud of an assumed talent!!!

You’ve got your Eager Credulity…

Found the shill…

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I am quite concerned; Trump should not get out of his space. Let Pence handle the briefings, the events are putting Trump’s weaknesses on display. Another thing, someone in his inner circle needs to grow a spins, verbally or physically bitchslap Trump and let him know that he is losing control of his emotions and his behavior is looking ever more erratic.

Oh, and the other thing is theat brave soul also needs to tell Trump that American chemical companies must be ordered to produce the reagents for covid tests, and that the test makers need to decide on one machine/media, and everyone use that.

The Dems are running a burned out, mildly senile old man who has plenty of baggage himself, yet Trump can absolutely locse if he can’t get the covid situation under some sort of control.

ROTFLMAO, how kind of you.