Woman shot and killed after charging at officer with knife in Temple Terrace

OMG! Either this lady was stupid or she had a moment of Mohammed Madnes!

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Where the hell is Temple Terrace?

Florida, some where in that big state

“Officer not seriously hurt.”

That means he received cuts from that knife.

Self-defense from the crazed (and stupid) woman.

No shit Sherlock tell us what we don’t know! Did you watch the video or do you love to hear yourself talk?

More meaningless post from the brain dead

No! You shit posting useless things that doesn’t contribute to nothing other than to hear yourself talk is your MO! You do it here all the time.

You would think as much as you get bitched at about the content of your posts that you’d just be ignored. But apparently some just need to hear themselves talk.

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@jbob, It will be interesting to see what the investigation reveals.

Florida is conservative.The homicide will be ruled as a justifiable killing.

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Well that’s a given. I think that would be the result in any state. I’m just interested in what her deal was. Was she mentally ill, hallucinating on drugs, committing suicide…:man_shrugging:

Uh Oh, cause & effect strikes again.

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You you not see she was dressed in Muslim Atire?

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Yes, I did, I’m still interested in why she did it. I have no problem with her killing. Are you suggesting that because of her clothing it was a “terrorist” attack?

From my perspective: she is an Arab which can mean she is either a Muslim or a Christian.
Her brother is in trouble with the law.
Therefore, to be a good sister, she had to avenge her brother.

And the officer was a fair target, although the attack is illogical to most of us.

OK, her brother’s name is Mohammed, so the family must be Muslims.

Right Didge, a man that spent 3 years in prison in Saudi Arabia for attempting to join a terrorist group in Syria, and summarily allowed to come to the United States by the Trump administration in 2018… :roll_eyes:

So is it your position that she was trying to break her brother out of jail???

Yes it was a terrorist attack.

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Seems to be a lot of terrorist attacks on American soil under Trumps administration. The successful (and first since 9/11) terrorist attack on a US military base in Florida has been completely ignored by Trumpers. And now, America is going broke and burning under Trump…:roll_eyes:

No, it’s just the mentality.
Attacking the officer won’t help her brother, but she had to do it.
Just her (or should I say their) mentality.

If you conduct a survey in America and in some Arab country, you probably would get different results.
The question would be something like:

Do you justify the action of the woman?
(Whose brother is such and such.)

Point is, they shouldn’t have been allowed to be here. :wink: