Woman Moves to Saudi Arabia and Loses Custody of Her Daughter

There’s been multiple reports of leftiests going to the middle east thinking “I’ll prove they arent savages” then poof, they end up dead, in this case, not dead but she most likely wishes she was.

Stupid people doing stupid things get predictable results and then cry about them.

So the country that is famous for locking women up for wearing the wrong clothes and driving cars doesn’t respect them and give them legal custody of children? Did she really not see that coming?! If you are stupid enough to move to a country run by Muslims you have no right to complain about their lack of respect for women since that has always been the law of the land over there. If you want to be respected as a member of the human race then you need to stay in a modern Christian country, not some backwards third world police state that thinks it is the fourth century AD.

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

It’s hilarious that she’s “too western” to raise a child. Well played, judge.

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Another stupid woke-leftist woman got trapped in Saudi Arabia. This is not even new, they keep fall for it since the '80s or so.

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