Woman in Córdoba gets 13 years in jail for cutting off lover's penis! Yikes!

Can you say John Wayne Bobbit? Holy crap, that’s going to leave a mark! Never trust a woman to tie you up!:rofl:

This reminds me of the Bobbit case many years ago. She was acquitted!

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Wow a year for every millimeter!


His was reattached successfully. If I remember right.
Besides, they made up. LOL

Yes and he acted in a Porno Flick!

This is why you never date crazy. I always found that the bigger the boobs the crazier they are. I bet this girl had absolute WATERMELONS!

I don’t know about that the watermelons part, but I can definitely see a case about those Latina blood running hot. I have dated a few from South America, and they can get pretty hot headed and run heavy with emotion! The make up sex is usually the best part with them though!

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No doubt that Latin women are hot blooded. But I also think that there is a correlation between boob size and insanity. I hadn’t really thought about it before but it makes perfect sense and from all of my past experiences seems to be accurate.

Can we get a pic of the woman who did the deed?

Apparently this is what she used. That looks pretty painful!

The big Boobs part? You decide!

Now tell me if this woman depicted below not related to this OP of course but has some gigantic ones has a mental condition?

They are big enough to make her crazy. Maybe not chop someone’s dick off crazy, but it can’t be ruled out as a contributing factor.

Boob size has nothing to do with a woman being crazy or not. Boob size has to do with the amount of unwanted attention a woman gets.

No, but lack of dick size in men is correlated to level of misogyny.


Any woman that gets implants that big is certifiable.



Wew - was that from the UN?