Woke Dictionary for White Folks

It is apparent to me that you do not understand what I said. I did not imply that you were debating the definitions of connotation and context.

Reduced to basic:

  • The writer implies.
  • The reader infers.
  • The writer establishes the implied or defined context in which a word is presented to the reader.
  • The reader infers his understanding of the word and the context in which it was presented.
  • The reader can infer “other contexts”.
  • The writer CANNOT imply “other contexts” without presenting a different sentence using the same word.

So, “other contexts” CANNOT BE IMPLIED to the statement made.
Only the reader can introduce “other contexts” by inferring same.

I think what we have here is a failure to communicate.

Apparently that is more on your end than it is on mine, hence the fact you completely pivoted and avoided answering my questions! Nice job!

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Your unanswered questions were not worth answering.

Not worth answering because you don’t know the answers!

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I certainly know whether or not I wear hearing aids, where my opinions come from and what is my understanding of deconstruction.

None of those issues are on topic for this thread. This conversation has turned into a derailment based on your aversion to criticism.

Yet you failed to prove what is your understanding when asked to do so, which in turn appears that you are simply pivoting.

Actually it is relevant had you the courtesy to try to understand instead insisting your always right. Its your pissing contest not mine!

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You’re :rofl:

Pat yourself on the back! Your only +1 point!

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Here’s what President Trump and many in the military think about the Cancel Culture and their obsession with rewriting history.

Kudos to our President, Donald J. Trump!

Snowflakes, KISS MY ASS!

Woke = black Ebonics . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: