With so many crisis under Biden, when do we …

Well… it’s the Left, so…

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Glad to see everybody acknowledging the obvious here……

Republicans can never divide we are the Americans, are are the party of the assimilated, we must break Democrats, we must break the party of hate. It has to be Trump, all other republicans are Standard politicians even Ron DeSantis.

Btw it’s going to be Trump he has 96 approval rating percentages in the republican party he is the leader not only Republicans but Americans.

Let’s break the back of anti-Americans

If it happens, I won’t be unhappy about it. If it happens, it will be just like the first time… and worse.

Until the RINOS are gone from Congress, nothing is going to change.

Just think of trumps dream team he will hire, his cabinet will be a war chest. Firing bombs, destroyed rinos and Democrats

If I were Democrat, I’d be good for THOUSANDS of mail in votes.
Trump will be reelected a THIRD time in 2024 and he will fix what the DemoNazis broke. Simple as that.
And as far as age and health goes, JIM CROW JOE shows us all that the half dead can pretend to be president. Trump is a supreme athlete, compared to that geezer.

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Exactly. Trump will be the enema the nation’s capital has needed for a long time.

I’m all for that. There is power in the ballot, (provided the election laws are enforced.)

I’ll be right here pointing out that it WILL NOT happen……

Who else is better? Harris? Lol you have no one

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Mean while the nation screams fuck Joe Biden lol

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Oh, and the recall audits that so many insisted would decertify Biden’s win……

“So it’s official… a member of the board of supervisors admits that the 2 “audits” they did were BS and the reason these board members can’t stand this audit is because they’re scared for their positions they won by tight margins”

In fact, hopes are crumbling everywhere……:joy::joy:

What that the democrat arty of leftist anarchists are assholes?

Trump definitely won Michigan easy

Bottom line, Trump WILL be reelected president in 24. Biden will be in prison and Kamala the Ugandan Giant will be looking at single digit polling numbers.
Trump is the greatest president in history and most of America is royally pissed that Jim Crow Joe stole the election.
We are coming out in force. The fraud will be watched and reported.

Yeah, there’s more of you than many think….:+1:

Not according to Harvard hehe