With Little Fanfare, William Barr Formally Announces Orwellian Pre-Crime Program

Unlike partisan hacks we are so frequently debating with (if you call it that) I am one that shares the views that being a Trump supporter doesn’t entitle him or his administration a blind pass. There is fair criticism to go around. I like AG Barr, especially if he delivers the goods on the entire spygate scandal that is currently playing out. What got my attention is this story which is being dubbed as a “Orwellian Pre Crime” program that AG Barr intends to roll out next year in order to address terrorists and mass shooters before they commit their crimes. Many of the critics of this program are saying that it will have chilling effects for years to come, on individual freedoms as well as social behaviors as they are reported, and once implemented it will be very difficult for its repeal. In my view I see a very slippery slope on this particular program and is cause for concern that what Barr is about to implement will have serious consequences about how we as US citizens will interact in society both present and in the future. This is starting to look a lot like the Movie Minority report and with this new program we may get to that point within culture.

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This is how Red Flag laws get rolled out nationwide.

It’s almost as if that is part of this problem but with a larger umbrella.

Yeahhhhhhhh maga…

I gotta study this in depth. I see the term “POTENTIAL mass shooters”. If so, doesn’t that apply to everyone? If so.

POTENTIAL, now that’s one Hell of a Catch All if you ask me. I can certainly see keeping an eye on anyone who “spouts ideologies” that are ( heh heh heh ) POTENTIALLY dangerous to law abiding citizens. Just common sense. FLAG just went up; do you suppose that’s what Barr really meant? Still, I do understand how a proposal can get out of hand. So it’s critical to step lightly, and carefully weigh situations. EXAMPLE: If someone who owns firearms is considered mentally unstable, they can be targeted for confiscation. But, as I said, weigh situations. If someone loses a loved one and is dealing with grief, couldn’t that be construed as a mental instability? You see where I’m going.

This is where this will lead:

In recent decades, and especially after the September 11 attacks, Americans have quietly traded an increasing number of civil liberties for increased government “counter-terrorism” programs and wars purportedly waged to “keep us safe.” Now, those same policies used to target “terrorists” are set to be used against ordinary Americans, whose electronic lives and communications are now set to be scoured for evidence of “mental illness.” If these untransparent algorithms flag an individual, that could be enough lead to court-ordered “mental health treatment” or even imprisonment regardless of whether or not a crime was committed or even planned.

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Yep, the same guy who supported the original AWB, supports expanded background checks, regulations on accessories, illegal confiscation of firearms by cops who suspect mental health issues, and now brings you this. Maga

The first people the government will go after with this are those who are anti-Israel.

Guess you’re safe then…

Really? There are some neoconservatives here but most are somewhere on the nationalist spectrum. That doesn’t align with being supportive of Israel.

I read the memorandum from the OAG. It does not read as a nefarious Minority Report program.
This paragraph of the MPN piece is conjecture on the part of the author:

Thus, the goal of the program is ostensibly to circumvent these issues by finding new and likely controversial ways to determine intent. As will be shown later in this report, Barr’s recent actions suggest that the way this will be accomplished is through increased mass surveillance of everyday Americans and the use of algorithms to analyze that bulk data for vaguely defined symptoms of “mental illness.”

It was facetious…:wink:

This won’t go anywhere. I don’t like that it was even proposed, but the Trump Administration has been getting blocked by activist judges for things they have the Constitutional authority to do. This is unconstitutional and hopefully gets blocked before it has time to move into implementation.

Although, we already know from Snowden that the IC is already spying on us anyway. This seems like this just gives them the legal authority to do what they are already illegally doing…

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That puts it in proper perspective and I recall asking how many people protested the “Patriot Act” when it was implemented?

I hope you are right, however the word bipartisan frieghtens me more! Democrats love authoritarianism so I can see them supporting something like this that gives them an excuse to be even more corrupt!

We’re you a supporter of the Bush administrations Patriot Act?

The two men who could have prevented it from even coming to a vote, Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle both had serious reservations about it and were letting it be known. They both had their offices anthraxed and shortly thereafter got with the program.

Trump won’t let this happen right, he’s draining the swamp…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Trump is a leftist. He doesn’t understand liberty. He’s the same as the Dems who say “government needs to be all powerful, but we just gotta make sure OUR guy is in charge, then everything will be perfect!”.

It’s bullshit and so is this Patriot Act on steroids pre-crime shit.

All moot. Effortless for some kookaboo to locate & acquire a firearm & ammunition; or something even worse.