Winter is here and Gas / energy is about to explode!

OPEC sees America has a weak leader, they hate America, so what do they do? Decrease production, they hear dumb ass Democrats talking about ridding America of fossil fuels, they know they can hurt us.

Jennifer M. Granholm and Joe Biden need to be impeached! And charged with treason!


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Imaginary world you live in. Lets list the lies you have told here shall we.

  1. Claims to be part of a clandestine Security Force
  2. Claimed to have appeared on Steve Bannon’s show
  3. Claims that books are written about himself
  4. Claims to have graduated from college
  5. Claims to have served in the military
  6. Makes the assertion that When his favorite team loses the opposing team cheats so he doesn’t pay a bet he made and loses
  7. Lies about conversations he invents and posts on this site
  8. Inserts pictures about of famous bodybuilders and claims they are him
  9. Invents ficticious events such as flying to foreign countries on special missions as if he is a special James Bond character
  10. Continuously inserts lies in all the conversations he has here about other people
  11. Creates fictitious dialogue of other people here and claims they are true.

Moderators see it too!

No one here respects you because you are a pathological liar. This is not normal behavior!

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Guys there are other forums that are obsessed with the jitss, but Manhattan takes the cake… let’s all pray for him.

L.A. Gas Prices Hit Record High $6.494; OPEC Move Suggests Worse Ahead

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We need to end the new green deal! Kill it!