WINNING! No refugees will be resettled in the US in October

Maybe these people should rise up against their corrupt overlords instead of coming here and voting for Democrats.


Access to America is not a human right

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Good, now lets keep it that way.

America is full, fuck off.

The United States owes them exactly jack shit. We used to be a kind nation. After seeing the results of this kindness over the last century, and it’s impact on our country, we have grown weary of being kind…understandably.

These lazy fake refugees can fuck off to China and see how welcome they are there.

Are these Christians fleeing religious persecution? Doesn’t look like it. Oh well - there are plenty of majority Muslim countries for them to go to. They are incompatible with our culture and way of life.

Lmao, you’re not winning anything. Don’t start creaming your pants. It’s just a pause, refugee admissions will continue shortly.

“Admissions had been slated to resume Tuesday after a temporary halt, but the extended pause will now continue until Saturday. The delay marks the third time this month that admissions have been postponed, according to CNN. Revised travel plans, including the re-booking of tickets for taxpayer-funded flights, will now be required.”

The United States has been at perpetual war with the nations these people are fleeing. We do indeed owe them, and they will continue to come.

Isn’t it amusing that some people who have to virtue signal their white guilt is only their stench of rancid tuna when opening their own refrigerator door for the world to take a whiff?