Winning! Apple will make the new Mac Pro in Austin, avoiding some China tariffs

Despite all of the complaining and hand wringing from the left, It turns out that the tariffs on China are working. The whole point was to get American companies making American products in America again. Now one of the most far left douchebag companies out there is going to be making its products in one of the most far left douchebag cities in America (outside of California). I hate Apple and I hate Austin, Texas but I will count this as a win.

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The new Mac Pro would make a handsome space heater.

What was wrong with the last G4 towers that they decided to never make anything that pretty again?

Let’s hope that this is the first of many companies that decides to start making things in America again. Made in the USA shouldn’t be a novelty or a surprise when you see it on a product. It should be the standard.

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Well, it’s not as exciting news as it might have been. The Mac Pro doorsto… um, computer has always been made in Austin. What’s changed is that the Trump admin. agreed to exempt them from tariffs for parts imported from China if they would not move the facility elsewhere.

Let those soyboys pay double for their iPhones for all I care. Overpriced garbage from an American hating company.

Got to hav that ventilation for the multiple processors.

The amazing thing about the mac line is it’s built to last with free upgrades.

I have a 2011 and a 2012 mac book pro both still function better than the Dell quad core that require weekly updates to plug holes in the OS.

Did have an old mirror door front quad core mac pro. Still upstairs in storage waiting to put in service again.