Will Trump be impeached before the election

Should the house vote for impeachment and send it to the Senate it will be damaging to the democrat party as well as the candidates seeking the presidency.

The house can vote when ever they want as well as the Senate can bring it to the floor when ever they want.

A trial will likely last 2 months. Throw in delays for investigation of charges we may see 3 months.

So if the house passes it by the end of the year, unlikely, when would the circus begin? Probably not before the end of the year. They can dream about it, but Democrats have not had a vote yet.

What are the rules???

Did you know that no member of the Senate can engage in campaigning during a Senate trial pr Senate rules. The current senate rules cannot be changed as the GOP controls the agenda of the Senate and the timing of when it comes to the floor.

And of course Mitch will certainly delay the trial to inflict the most damage to:
Berni Sanders
Kamala Harris
Cory Booker
Amy Klobuchar
Liz Warren
Tulsi Gabbard
Michael Bennet

If they are running for president, no campaigning. There are a few democrats in the House also running, they cannot campaign when it comes to the house floor.

An impeachment trial would consume every senator’s schedule. Under the Senate’s current rules, all senators must be in session Monday through Saturday, starting at around noon each day.

What’s the chance that Mitch doesn’t slow-walk the whole process to inflict Maximum Damage to almost half of the Democrats primary field?

Any bets that they don’t go forward with impeachment?

Can you say Bye-Bye Super Tuesday?

And try really hard to not derail this thread.

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That’s really interesting. So if they don’t want to stop their 2020 campaigns then the best they can do is talk about impeachment.

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I suppose there was a day when rules were respected. I don’t see that anymore.

The Dems have gone off the rails.

Who is going to do what to anyone who ignores the senate rules?

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Isn’t this what the Federal Election Commission is for?

That is the rule as well.

Can’t be out campaigning when they are required to be in Washington.

Y’all fight his impeachment tooth and nail simultaneously claiming that impeachment will damage the Democratic Party while helping Trump.

Why not support his impeachment? :man_shrugging:

The Federal Election Commission, the beleaguered independent agency that is supposed to serve as the watchdog over how money is raised and spent in American elections, has long been criticized as dysfunctional, if not toothless.

The rules give senators a passive role: Senators must sit and listen to House prosecutors and White House defense lawyers without making a peep, they never see witnesses or documents, and they never make arguments over the facts or the law of conviction, particularly the meaning of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Hence they will be in Washington for the trial.

Hmm… I couldn’t find any evidence of a rule barring campaigning during impeachment trials. Please provide a link.

This was great from Gutfeld!

This was a great exchange between James Carville and Sean Hannity