Will Israelis be arrested if ICC condemns Israel of war crimes?

I’m not a legal expert. Larry Johnson, former CIA, indicates the possibility of Israelis of being arrested, if ICC condemns Israel, the way ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin. @6:30 in the video.

Yes, this John Kirby was making a fool out of himself when he shed crocodile tears over Ukrainian children killed in the war (but showed no emotion when children in Gaza are killed in larger numbers)

The tribe dominates the mainstream news, even in countries where the tribe virtually does not exist. How do they do it? Money talks, but it’s another story.

This guy is a lawyer by profession, so he knows what he is talking about. @28 min or so.

The ICC issued an arrest warrant of Putin on a very flimsy ground, but does nothing in the face blatant war crimes by Israeli Prime Minister, his cabinet members, etc.

I’m very worried that the war in Ukraine might be discontinued (before the Satanists get fully liquidated).
— Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic

For the same reason, Satanist Pharisee Israel must disappear, if you ask me.

Very interesting. Where do you stand… and what do you believe?

Brother Nathanael found peace and his purpose in life in Orthodox Christianity. Good on him.

I was exposed to various religions and belief systems because of my travels throughout Asia including Siberia and the Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia. Where do I stand now?

Between deism and theism, perhaps.

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This will never happen as long as joos control the media . Joos have to have their 200 for every one regardless if they are women and children !

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